"West Coast Cool" Dances & Pom Sidelines

"West Coast Cool" Dances & Pom Sidelines
"West Coast Cool" Dances & Pom Sidelines
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  • Improve your Cheerleading & Dance Team coaching!
  • Learn from Rachel Paul and Mollie Vehling!
  • Take your team to the next level!
  • Learn from the best, to become your best!
with Rachel Paul,
UCLA Dance Coach

Ready-to-learn follow along routines! This presentation begins with instruction and demonstration of several key formations as well as several easy to follow dance moves that are used throughout the presentation. Paul breaks down two "totally choreographed" on the court (or on the turf) time-out dances followed by four additional sideline pom routines. As a bonus, Paul shares a series of basic strength development and flexibility exercises that she uses with the UCLA Dance Squad. These exercises are appropriate for in-practice or home-practice. All dances are demonstrated in segments before the total dance is put together. These eye catching and smooth - yet edgy, funky and, of course, "West Coast Cool" moves - are all wrapped into this presentation!

This DVD uses music from Champcheer and Dance Mix, Volume 2.

66 minutes. 2006.

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