18 Drills to Improve Individual Skills

18 Drills to Improve Individual Skills
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with Kevin Corrigan,
University of Notre Dame Men's Lacrosse Coach;
2010 NCAA Runners-Up!

This video focuses on individual drills used on a daily basis at Notre Dame. Ball handling, ground balls and shooting drilled early in practice develop good habits that show up later in team play at practice. Drills included are ball bag drill, yo-yo drill, baseline escape, around the clock, escape drill, 2 v. 1 drill, three man handle, three man passing, monkey in the middle, three man weave and three in a box. Ball handling is another area that demands attention each day in practice. The step down drill, the sweeps and alley dodges, give and go, Z cut shooting, Z cut and follow, Z cut and pop, and Z cut and fade are all demonstrated. The advantages of these drills are that players get a lot of touches on the ball, shooting opportunities, and many repetitions.

60 minutes. 2007.

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