4-3 Press Quarters Defense: Stopping the Pass

4-3 Press Quarters Defense: Stopping the Pass
4-3 Press Quarters Defense: Stopping the Pass
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Use the 4-3 Press Quarters defense to cover any combination of passing schemes that an offense can put together!

  • Force receivers to declare routes quickly, disrupt their timing with the QB, and finish routes inconsistent with what has been practiced
  • Learn how to employ press quarters coverage against a variety of offensive formations in a simple yet effective manner
  • Train safeties to play tighter to the #2 receiver to assist with stopping the run and eliminate RAC yards on short passes
  • Teach linebackers to flow to proper zone coverage to create more interception opportunities

with Pete Pappas,
St. Edward (OH) High School Defensive coordinator;
2015 Ohio Division 1 Champions

Increase your defensive takeaways and reduce your opponent's ability to score with the 4-3 Press Quarters Defense in this detailed video from Coach Pete Pappas.

Pappas shares concepts and techniques used by the 4-3 Press Quarters Defense to disrupt the rhythm and timing of the passing game. The pass-first responsibilities of the cornerbacks and safeties are coupled with techniques that improve their ability to take away the big play. This forces your opponent to make long, sustained drives in an attempt to score, giving your team more chances to force a punt or create a turnover.

Utilizing game film, practice film and drills, Pappas explains assignments, techniques, and responsibilities for the corners, safeties, and linebackers to stop the pass and eliminate the big play.

Shadow Technique for Cornerbacks

The key ingredient in the 4-3 quarter press system is for the corners to press the receivers. Pappas stresses the need to get a receiver off their route to disrupt the timing of the passing game. He teaches the "shadow technique" to improve the cornerback's ability to take away the vertical routes and be "in phase" with the receivers. Pappas explains how this technique is actually easier on the cornerback to be in a press alignment rather than in a traditional off alignment.

Scooch Technique for Safeties

A corner cannot press without help from the safeties over the top. In this scheme, the safeties play an important role in stopping the passing game. Pappas uses a scooch technique to put his safeties in proper reading and covering position to help with the deep ball or who they cover in man-to-man coverage scheme.

By using the scooch technique instead of a traditional backpedal technique, the safeties can play tighter coverage on the receivers. Also, the scooch technique allows the safety to be in a better position to defend against the run and make more plays in the passing game if they have no vertical threat in their zone.

Linebacker Coverage

A defense can't stop an offense from passing without the help of the linebackers. Coach Pappas stresses that the linebackers have a run-first job, but they should also be able to drop back and cover a receiver or tight end. Learn how the linebackers re-route, wall off and/or match the #2 receiver, cover the flats, leverage the blocker on bubble screens, and allow safeties to read and react to QB cues more aggressively.

This video gives you the concepts and techniques necessary to implement one of the most difficult defenses to pass the ball against for opposing quarterbacks.

76 minutes. 2017.

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