7-Cycle High Octane Drills for Youth Baseball

7-Cycle High Octane Drills for Youth Baseball
7-Cycle High Octane Drills for Youth Baseball
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Product Description

  • This 7-cycle high octane defensive drill generates 850 reps in 35 minutes!
  • Maximize practice reps with a limited number of coaches - or only one coach
  • Learn how to immediately implement this proven practice template or modify it to fit your team and your philosophy
with Rob Warnock, Youth baseball Coach, over 20 years coaching youth baseball

Many times if you drive or walk by a youth baseball practice you will see one coach with 20 players on the field. Coach throws batting practice while the rest of the players shag. This practice plan is not effective for developing players. Players are standing, waiting, and not getting better.

In this innovative approach to practice organization, Rob Warnock shows you how one coach can run a full team practice efficiently and effectively providing his players with as many position-related reps as possible in the least amount of time. High numbers of practice reps are crucial for players to reach their potential.

This defensive practice plan is broken down into seven "cycles" that cover all positions, keeping everybody engaged, moving, and working on defensive fundamentals in game-like situations - all in about 35 to 40 minutes.

With this approach, the coach is not stuck at home-plate hitting infield/outfield. Rather he is able to coach up players all over the field.

All demonstrations in this video are performed in a live practice, so you see exactly how the 7-cycles work. You also get the benefit of Warnock's coaching throughout each cycle, helping you to bring out the best in your players.

The video provides instruction in such areas as: Glove-side and backhand fielding, blocking for catchers, covering pop-ups, defending the bunt, PFP, first- and third-base picks, slow rollers and V-cuts, outfield cutoffs, double plays, defending the steal, and more.

The benefits of the 7-cycles are incredible:

  • Practice plans can be immediately implemented in any system
  • Utilizes every player in practice so that everyone is working on something all practice
  • Allows coaches to utilize volunteers or parents to help run the practice
  • Players getting better because they are constantly engaged and new things are happening on the field every few minutes.

Practice organization is one of the most important skills to have as a coach. Implement this unique template on day one—then modify it as you see fit—to eliminate wasted time and keep your team constantly focused on improvement.

51 minutes. 2013.

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