A Systematic Approach to Out of System Play

A Systematic Approach to Out of System Play
A Systematic Approach to Out of System Play
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Learn how to create chaotic situations in practice to prepare your team for live action, out-of-system play.
  • Train your players to score even when the dig or set is off target
  • Teach your players to set out-of-system balls in every serve-receive rotation
  • Learn how to use your libero to set the second ball and deliver good hitting opportunities

with Shelton Collier,
Wingate University Head Coach; over 900 career wins;
2013 AVCA National Coach of the Year; 9x South Atlantic Conference Coach of the Year;
2016 AVCA Southeast Region Coach of the Year (6x AVCA Region Coach of the Year);
Wingate has claimed the South Atlantic Conference Regular Season Championship for 11 consecutive years (2006-16) and won 10 of the Tournament crowns during that time span; qualified for 12 straight NCAA Tournaments (2005-16)

Volleyball isn't always "pretty," so you have to teach your team what to do when it gets "ugly."

2013 AVCA Coach of the Year, Shelton Collier delivers sophisticated drills and strategies for helping players get comfortable playing out-of-system. Using on-court demonstrations, Coach Collier shows how to create chaotic situations in practice to prepare your team for live action, out-of-system situations.

You will learn a series of progressive drills that take players through a variety of scenarios they will face when out-of-system. These drills focus on building players' confidence in a controlled environment.

Warm-Up Drills
Coach Collier showcases a four-phase progressive warm up for developing ball control. All players work on passing and setting skills while also improving communication - an essential skill for out-of-system play. These progressions are a great lead-in for a practice full of out-of-system work.

Systematic Drills
Through a series of progressive drills, Coach Collier makes sure all of his players can set or attack when out-of-system. Players get consistent reps, giving them opportunities to practice out-of-system sets and various situations. These drills cover skills like taking the easiest set available, reversing the flow and setting hitters while giving them feedback. Coach Collier's out-of-system dig and set drill series will help you create a sophisticated offense.

Second Ball Drills for Liberos
If you have a libero who can set a second ball, you can separate yourself from an average team. Coach Collier provides a series of drills that focus on this crucial element of out-of-system play. These drills include multiple phases that progress from basic libero sets to high-level libero moves. Your liberos will work on developing their hands, platform, setting ability and the ability to take the ball in front of the attack line with their hands. The series progresses to drills with hitters so your liberos can work on delivering hittable balls. A unique drill in this section features liberos working on setting middle hitters, which is rare in out-of-system play, but can be a valuable tool for your team to have.

Second Ball Drills for All Players
These drills are a great tool for developing your players' problem solving. Throughout the drills, Coach Collier shows how to use them both systematically and randomly. Systematic drills allow multiple, controlled touches, while random drills gives players game-like touches.

Team Drills
The last segment of the video focuses on drills that are team-oriented and game-like. These drills will teach your team to play out-of-system in each of the six rotations, cover hitters, attack out of the middle, and attack by sliding in front of and behind the setter.

When a hitter is blocked and the coverage team digs the ball, teams usually don't have a plan or haven't practiced how to run an offense in that situation. The Cover Drills series will help teach your players how to handle this out-of-system moment in many different fashions. The drills also cover how to attack when a player other than the setter covers the hitter, when the setter covers the hitter, and when the hitter covers their own attack.

The drills shared in this video are valuable to teams of all levels that want to take their game to the next level. Bad passes, difficult digs, and s

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