AAU Basketball Skills Series: Increasing Your Vertical Jump

AAU Basketball Skills Series: Increasing Your Vertical Jump
AAU Basketball Skills Series: Increasing Your Vertical Jump
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Product Description

  • Learn the exercises that will give you the biggest bang-for-your-buck to increase vertical jump and power output
  • Get a vertical jump training workout that Billy Donovan uses with his incoming freshman
  • Learn the correct techniques and form needed to safely execute each weight lifting and plyometric drill
with Preston Greene, University of Florida Director of Basketball Strength & Conditioning
Introduction by Billy Donovan, University of Florida Head Coach; 2007 & 2006 NCAA Champions

University of Florida Strength Coach Preston Greene takes you through a detailed look at the Gators' vertical jump program. In the weight room and on the court, Greene outlines and demonstrates the most effective drills you can use to increase your vertical jump and power output.

In the weight room, you will see 16 powerful exercises. Greene outlines the proper hand positioning on the weights, how to properly execute each exercise, and the number of sets and reps that will allow you to gain maximum strength each time the exercise is performed. Included in this segment are such drills as the clean pull, power snatch, back squat, box jump and snatch grip jump.

On the court, Greene demonstrates five plyometric drills that will help you develop explosive power and help you transfer the power from the weight room to your on-court performance. Several warm-up drills, tips and testing procedures are included that will help players achieve maximum results both on and off the court.

Greene describes a typical workout sequence that he puts his incoming freshman through to properly train them in the correct techniques and form for each exercise. You'll see how to alternate between strength and power phases in 3 week cycles to maximize your results.

These exercises will work the same for men and women alike.

This solid program provides the training necessary to make athletes more explosive, improve their speed, and take their vertical jump to the next level.

40 minutes. 2013.

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