AAU Coaching Wrestling Series: Practice Drills for Developing Wrestlers

AAU Coaching Wrestling Series: Practice Drills for Developing Wrestlers
AAU Coaching Wrestling Series: Practice Drills for Developing Wrestlers
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Product Description

  • Use drills to address the specific needs of individual wrestlers or your entire team
  • Implement scramble drills into your practice to improve confidence in match situations
  • Teach your wrestlers to be more detail-oriented with their drilling to fix specifics problems
  • Bring greater variety to your practices
with Greg Strobel, Distinguished member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame (2012);
former Lehigh University Head Coach; USA Wrestling's 2010 Man of the Year; '03-'04 NWCA National Coach of the Year; 4x EIWA Coach of the Year; 2000 US Olympic Team Coach; 2x NCAA Champions (and 3x All American) at Oregon State

Create better and more efficient practices through proper drilling.

Former Olympic Coach Greg Strobel delivers a video packed with over 30 drills that coaches of all levels can use to get the best out of their wrestlers and their teams. His philosophy on drilling is that precise drilling creates good habits on the mat.

In this video you will discover how to get your wrestlers to drill to perfection. Coach Strobel uses a step-by-step approach to drilling, paying attention to every detail. He explains the importance of detailed drilling to help your wrestlers to learn the correct positions and techniques they need to succeed. He gives you an assortment of drills that you can easily implement into your practice sessions.

Coach Strobel discusses the various types of drilling and how each kind can benefit the wrestler with various examples of each. You will learn several drills within each drill type and when to implement them within your practices, which allows you to adjust your drilling to match the intensity or volume of your practice. These different types of drilling include:

  • Open Drilling - Unstructured wrestler's choice that is perfect for observation by the coach.
  • Structured Drilling - Controlled drilling to work on specific focus.
  • Situation Drills - Drills or live wrestling situations designed to work wrestlers from different positions.
  • Match Situation Drilling - Live wrestling out of different time and score scenarios.
  • Specific Drills to Fix or Teach - The best drills to fix problems.
Many of the drills that coach Strobel shows help build muscle memory so that technique becomes instinct and you can wrestle drill matches that simulate match conditions. These drills will teach your wrestlers how to hand fight, counter, escape, ride, fight off their back, scramble, create space, keep from wrist control and much, much more. These simple-to-teach drills will help your wrestlers master moves they once struggled with, giving them more confidence to succeed during competition. In no time, they will be on their way to becoming better, more refined wrestlers.

This DVD will minimize learning curves, give you and your wrestlers more confidence before entering a match and provide an edge over your opponents.

This series of videos was produced by Championship Productions in association with AAU (The Amateur Athletic Union).

70 minutes. 2013.

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