AAU Wrestling Skills Series: Scoring from the Bottom Position

AAU Wrestling Skills Series: Scoring from the Bottom Position
AAU Wrestling Skills Series: Scoring from the Bottom Position
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Product Description

  • Make quick escapes from the bottom position to conserve your offensive energy
  • Discover drills that help create fundamental body control in positions that are key to consistently scoring from the bottom position
  • Learn to fluidly transition from one technique to the other in the bottom position
  • Features 2004 Olympian and 2009 FILA Junior Freestyle World Championship Head Coach Eric Guererro
with Eric Guerrero,
Oklahoma Regional Training Center Head Coach;
former Oklahoma State University Associate Head Coach;
Distinguished Member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame (2014);
3x NCAA Champ at Oklahoma St. (4x All American);
2004 Olympian; 2003 World Cup Champion;
2x USA FILA junior world freestyle champion;
head coach for the USA at the 2009 FILA Junior Freestyle World Championships

The bottom position can either be a defensive position that drains a wrestler's energy or an outstanding opportunity to score points.

Bring former Olympian and 3x NCAA Champion Eric Guerrero into your wrestling room to show you how to get out and score from the bottom position. Coach Guerrero not only emphasizes the techniques used to get out, he also trains the motor skills you need to properly perform these moves.

What makes this video different from others is the focus on chain wrestling - putting multiple moves together before escaping. You rarely score on your first move, but it creates separation from your opponent, so that successive moves will have a higher rate of success.

Guerrero starts with several drills to develop the necessary motor skills to perform bottom wrestling techniques. A key drill you'll see is the Roll Drill. It improves a wrestler's ability to know where he is on the mat and improves his ability to land belly down. Motor skills for chain wrestling include:

  • Back Arch and Rotate
  • Roll Drill
  • Stand-Up Drill
  • Hip Heist Drill
  • Cross Hand Sit Out Drills (both a hip heist and cutback)
  • Granby Roll
You will learn what it takes to go from being stuck on the bottom to getting out and scoring points. Guerrero does a great job breaking down and simplifying technique, so coaches and athletes can understand and execute quickly. He covers:
  • Stand-Up - To become a champion wrestler, the ability to get back to your feet is essential. You'll learn the basic technique for executing a standup, how to use your opponent's pressure to stand-up, and clearing away without putting yourself in a high risk situation.
  • Sit-Out - Without proper technique, your opponent will chop you to the mat before you can even try these moves. Guerrero shows you how to maximize your success with the sit-out to a hip heist and a sit out cutback.
  • Granby Roll - With the proper movement and momentum, a well timed Granby is very difficult to stop.
  • Switch - Learn the nuances to execute a proper switch. There are many key components that make this move effective, but they have to be in place to be devastating.
Coach Guerrero believes that bottom wrestling is the great neutralizer in a match. This video is a great tool to develop young wrestlers and to correct basic errors in veteran wrestlers. Implement these techniques into your arsenal and you will become great off the bottom!

This series of videos was produced by Championship Productions in association with AAU (The Amateur Athletic Union).

39 minutes. 2013.

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