Advanced Spread Formation Triple Option

Advanced Spread Formation Triple Option
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Learn advanced adjustments and "tricks of the trade" needed to run the triple option at a high level!

  • See how to run the triple option and mid line option vs. an odd stack, 4-3, and 6-1 defense
  • Discover how to handle certain plays with weak blockers at the A back spot
  • Learn a series of play action passes that are the perfect complement to the triple option

with Tim Stowers,
Holmes Community College Offensive Coordinator;
former Georgia Southern University Head Coach, 1990 NCAA Division I-AA/FCS National Champions; 1990 AFCA National Coach of Year

Tim Stowers has coached the Flexbone triple option since 1985 when he was an assistant at Georgia Southern, and in 1990 he became the head coach. He started coaching the offense when it was in its infancy and has been part of all the additions and adjustments this devastating offense has had in that time. Under Coach Stowers' direction, the Holmes offense led the MACJC in rushing the last three years (2014-16), finishing third nationally in 2015 (314 ypg) and second nationally in 2016 (305 ypg). Holmes' offense averaged 30 plus points per game in 2015 and 2016.

The triple option has proven to be one of the most potent rushing attacks in the history of college football. In this presentation, Tim Stowers presents the modern version of the wishbone scheme that is known as the flexbone.

Stowers shares some advanced thoughts regarding the triple option, and specifically how to make adjustments to defensive looks. Using a white board as he coaches you on the more advanced concepts in the triple option, Stowers leaves 'no stone left unturned' as he diagrams plays versus every known defense.

Blocking Schemes and Adjustments

Make specific blocking adjustments to deal with almost any front you'll see. Stowers begins by presenting how the blocking scheme and quarterback's footwork can be adjusted against odd front defenses. One of the most common defenses was the "double eagle" look in which the defense employs an extra defensive lineman in order to make running the ball more difficult. Stowers shows how the basic triple option play can be adjusted to present an "outside veer" look to the defense in which the offense can more easily account for all the defenders.

Stowers provides examples of adjustments to the triple option scheme, including how to adjust the blocking to a "loop" scheme in order to run the triple option play against the odd stack, 4-3, and 6-1 defensive schemes. Also, Stowers diagrams the midline option, which is a double option play that complements the triple option. By running the midline option, the offense can read a dominant interior defensive lineman rather than having to block him.

Coach Stowers also diagrams his "deuce block" adjustment in which the offense can counter how modern 4-3 teams will try to defend the triple option.

Play Action Passes

Play action passes are one of the most devastating aspects of the triple option offense. Stowers diagrams some play action passes that are a vital component of the triple option. The vertical, Wheel and Tunnel routes are discussed in depth, as well as the blocking schemes up front. He diagrams the route breaks and adjustments to various coverages, as well as the quarterback's mechanics and read progression on the play action passes. Coach Stowers also discusses the rationale for running each play and when one particular play may be better than the other.

If you run the triple option and are looking to maximize its effectiveness, this is the video for you!

75 minutes. 2017.

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