Alan Stein's DeMatha Basketball: Warm-Up & Flexibility

Alan Stein's DeMatha Basketball: Warm-Up & Flexibility
Alan Stein's DeMatha Basketball: Warm-Up & Flexibility
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  • Includes 50 warm-up exercises to prepare your team both mentally and physically for practice, a workout or a game
  • Discover how dynamic stretching can lower an athlete's risk of injury
  • Improve your players' mobility and range of motion with dynamic flexibility
with Alan Stein,
Director of Performance for Pure Sweat Basketball;
former Head Performance Coach for the nationally renowned, Nike Elite DeMatha Catholic High School boys basketball program;
former Montrose Christian (MD) High School Strength/Conditioning coach;
has worked with elite high school, college, and NBA players, including work for the Nike Skills Academies, McDonald's All-American game, Jordan Brand Classic, NBA Players Association Top 100 Camp and the CP3 Elite Guard Camp .

The days of stretching on your backside are over! Alan Stein demonstrates how your warm-up before any type of workout or practice can set the tone both mentally and physically for the activity to follow.

The goal of a proper warm-up is to make the muscles more elastic and to lubricate the joints, getting the body prepared for exercise.

In Stien's Full-Court Series, players execute the movements they will use when playing: sprinting, backpedaling, sliding and jumping.

The Tempo Series includes eight exercises mimicking game situations. Players are required to adjust from accelerating to decelerating with pivots and close-outs.

Stein incorporates a basketball and tennis ball for both the Ball Series and Tennis Ball Series. These series loosen up hips, core, and ankles while simultaneously working on communication skills and increasing dexterity.

Dynamic flexibility exercises are used to increase player's range of motion and mobility. Learn nine half-court movements and seven more stationary drills you can use if you are limited by space.

Get the Warm-up & Flexibility video today and incorporate these methods to prepare your team both physically and mentally for practice, a workout or a game.

67 minutes. 2011.

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