Alan Stein's Explosive Conditioning for Basketball Players

Alan Stein's Explosive Conditioning for Basketball Players
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with Alan Stein,
Director of Performance for Pure Sweat Basketball;
former Head Performance Coach for the nationally renowned, Nike Elite DeMatha Catholic High School boys basketball program;
former Montrose Christian (MD) High School Strength/Conditioning coach;
has worked with elite high school, college, and NBA players, including work for the Nike Skills Academies, McDonald's All-American game, Jordan Brand Classic, NBA Players Association Top 100 Camp and the CP3 Elite Guard Camp .

Basketball conditioning expert Alan Stein stresses that being fit and being in basketball shape are two completely different concepts. Since the game of basketball is fast paced, intense and provides very few rest breaks - your team's conditioning workouts should reflect this. Additionally, basketball is very movement-specific, so it is important to have players' include sprinting, back pedaling, defensive sliding and jumping in their workouts. To keep the workouts fresh, innovative and on the cutting edge, Coach Stein incorporates a variety of audio and visual cues that help improve a player's ability to read and react. The drills shared in this video are fun, interactive and competitive. In addition, each of these drills can be done for a desired time or a certain number of reps, and many of the drills can be done just about anywhere, which is of great value for coaches with limited court availability. Many of these drills are basketball-specific and will help your team improve moving without the ball, defensive positioning and rebounding. Each of these drills will help your players become tougher, increase their competitiveness and drastically improve your team's chemistry - traits that will carry over onto the court and will help win games! Stein believes that your team's off-season and pre-season conditioning workouts set the tone and build the foundation for your practices and games. A championship season is built year round!

30 minutes. 2006.

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