All Access Baseball Practice with Ed Servais

All Access Baseball Practice with Ed Servais
All Access Baseball Practice with Ed Servais
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Product Description

  • See how to structure a total practice based on the needs of your team while making efficient use of time and facilities
  • Series of daily drills for pitchers and infielders that are easy to implement and can dramatically increase your team's ability to successfully field the baseball
  • See how to incorporate team baserunning drills into the team defense to keep everyone active
  • Learn a flat ground throwing program for pitchers to improve mechanics and command
  • Get an offseason (Fall/Winter) strength program to gain strength and explosiveness directly related to baseball specific skills
with Ed Servais,
Creighton University Head Coach;
3x Missouri Valley Conference Coach of the Year;
NCAA Record .984 Team Fielding Percentage (2009)

From the weight room to the field, Ed Servais and his team provide a candid look into what has made the Creighton University baseball program a consistent championship contender. Coach Servais delivers two days of live fall practices that will improve your players' and provide you with structure, organization and a competitive drill progression series to incorporate into your practices.

Day One:
Coach Servais and his team go through an intense and progressive team and individual practice session divided into five main phases: The Stretch, Baserunning, a concentrated Throwing Program, Team Defense, Individual Defense, and an Offensive Team Workout. His "progression style" practice focuses on time efficiency and forcing the players to make quick decisions on the fly.

Coach Servais' throwing program progresses from the ground up and isolates every element of the throw, proper mechanics and places a high concentration on accuracy and keeping the "ball off the ground." This is the basis of his defensive philosophy.

In the 40 minute Team Defense segment, Servais' team demonstrates high intensity drills designed to minimize your opponent's running game and small ball strategies while maximizing your team's effectiveness at outfield communication, cuts, relays, double play feeds and pivots. This session also includes Servais' combo drill (utilizing the whole team); situation drills that feature game-like sequences challenge your players baseball skills and their mental awareness, individual group progressions for catchers, middle and corner infielders, outfielders; and a timing drill.

You'll also see Creighton's early workout segment, which is done about 40 minutes before practice. It will always have a theme for the day, such as, hitters will work on hitting the ball to the opposite field with authority and middle infielders working on their footwork around second base.

Day Two:
The day begins with an inside look at Creighton's strength training program. Led by Creighton's Strength Coach, the team performs a series of baseball-specific exercises designed to improve strength and explosiveness.

In the afternoon, the team hits the field for team practice that focuses on proper defensive execution, attention to detail and improvement of defensive footwork. Coach Servais covers a series of defensive drills that are executed in 3-4 minute time frames that address double play footwork, pitcher fielding practice, fly ball priorities, cuts and relays, 1st and 3rd defense, situational drills and live defensive work.

The Blue Jay's flat ground throwing program for pitchers features a series of drills that focus on proper mechanics and pitch development. After the throwing drills, the pitchers practice individual defensive drills known as 'Four Corners'.

The last half of practice is dedicated to an offensive team workout that focuses on isolating different parts of the swing ensuring the proper mechanics and approach needed to successfully hit a baseball. The drills provide the hitter with instant feedback on their swing and enable the hitter to be their own best hitting coach.

This DVD set will help any coach at any level develop and incorporate a more efficient and structured practice. Improve your overall team performance each day using these innovative team practice ideas and drills.

280 minutes (2 DVDs). 2012.

All Access videos are designed to allow viewers from all over the world to see how successful coaches run their practices in a "live" practice setting. All Access videos allow viewers to see the practices un-edited and in real-time. You will see how top coaches run their drills, interact with their team and staff, how they motivate their team, the cue w

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