Becoming a Champion: 800/1500M for Girls' Track & Field

Becoming a Champion: 800/1500M for Girls' Track & Field
Becoming a Champion: 800/1500M for Girls' Track & Field
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  • Get one-on-one middle distance training from US Olympic Coach Rose Monday!
  • Learn a dynamic warm-up that will cut down on injuries and prevent shin splints
  • Develop workouts that add variety to your daily routine while training important physiological functions
  • Learn how to use pool workouts to improve your fitness without the pounding
with Rose Monday, 2012 US Women's Olympic Women's Distance Coach;
former University of Texas at San Antonio Head Cross Country Coach; 1985 NCAA Champion in the 800M (indoor)

2012 Women's Olympic Distance Coach Rose Monday takes you step-by-step through the training program that, not only made her a champion athlete, but has proven to be a primary factor in the re-emergence of women's distance running in the United States. With the help from the talented Maggie Vessey (two-time USA Outdoor Champion, 2005 NCAA Outdoor runner-up, and NCAA All-American;), you will get an inside look at one of the greatest minds in middle and long distance training in the sport today.

Coach Monday shares 50+ drills that her athletes use to become championship-caliber runners. Monday breaks down the teaching phase of her drills into three distinct parts:

  • The warm-up
  • The work-out
  • Strength training
Each phase has its own drill set used to enhance the runner's ability and to prepare them for a championship season. Monday uses an easy to follow approach and technique breakdown of each drill as it is being explained and demonstrated.

Beginning with a scientifically designed stretching routine, Coach Monday introduces a dynamic warm-up with over a dozen exercises that can implemented into your program, including a special series of drills designed to prevent shin splints (something every coach and athlete can appreciate).

Coach Monday and Vessey demonstrate a variety of workouts, each designed to improve essential elements of championship middle distance running. Aerobic Threshold Running, Speed, Lactic Acid Workouts, Endurance, Strength and Adrenaline Points are all addressed. Aerobic Threshold pace workouts, Broken Tempo workouts, Russian Intervals, Hill Reps, and Date Intervals workouts are all demonstrated including explanations and instructions on when and how to implement these workouts. Monday also includes ideas of how to vary these workouts to increase interest and fight boredom.

Fifteen-plus Core Stability exercises are demonstrated to strengthen running muscles and prevent poor running mechanics. Coach Monday includes coaching points on how to teach these exercises and an explanation of how to implement these with weight workouts.

As an added bonus, Monday includes a section on Pool Running. She explains how this adds to the benefits of a run:

  • No additional pounding
  • Provides therapeutic benefits for the vascular system
  • Provides the resistance of a weight workout.
Coach Monday includes her ideas on practice, race tactics, and sports psychology as they affect the physical demands of the 800m/1500m events. Monday stresses that the athlete must know and understand their own body, and they must have a good working relationship/partnership with their coach.

This is by far one of the best videos for novice coaches or high school-aged athletes who want to learn from one of track & field's master coaches. With a very clear and informative style, Coach Monday helps take the mystery out of middle distance training.

52 minutes. 2013.

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