Becoming a Champion Discus Thrower - Beyond the Basics

Becoming a Champion Discus Thrower - Beyond the Basics
Becoming a Champion Discus Thrower - Beyond the Basics
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Product Description

  • Multiple full throw technical breakdowns
  • Easy to implement discus throw progression
  • Precision demonstrations by NCAA All-American Sean Shields
with John Frazier,
University of Tennessee Women's Track & Field Coach

John Frazier, one of the country's top discus throw coaches, is gifted in his creative approach to presenting teaching progressions that lead to successful mastery of the discus throw.

Coach Frazier begins this presentation with a general active warm up and stretching routine demonstrated by All-American thrower Sean Sheilds. Fraizer takes Sheilds through a throw specific five-drill basic warm-up routine designed to prepare the body for specific throws movements. Fraizer next builds the discus throw through a six-drill progression beginning with non-reverse and reverse standing throws. He moves to the middle of the circle for half turn throws and proceeds to the back of the circle where he adds the South African progression before moving into full throws. Frazier stresses that the athlete stays relaxed, on balance and teaches how to maximize the lower body through the throw. Fraizer also stresses the importance of rhythm in the throw.

Throughout the demonstrations, Frazier constantly points out potential problems that often occur in the throw and offers valuable techniques to correct these common faults. A unique aspect of this presentation is that Frazier utilizes repetitions of the full skill to focus upon specific phases of the skill. Frazier further enhances the instruction by calling upon Shields to offer personal insight into various skill areas of the event that help his success.

40 minutes. 2007.

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