Becoming a Champion Runner: Competing with the Heart-Mind of a Warrior

Becoming a Champion Runner: Competing with the Heart-Mind of a Warrior
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with Jerry Lynch,
PhD; Sport Psychologist,
international speaker, corporate consultant and author

Without question, a runner's mindset can have a dramatic effect upon performance. In this presentation, Jerry Lynch shares with you mental training tools to assure you that your mindset is one that positively enhances your performance. In a candid discussion with a group of runners, Lynch explores common mental roadblocks that runners experience including confidence in competition, the importance of desire in performing, how to take successful training runs into competition, how to stay mentally strong and positive during a race, the importance of process vs. outcome based goals, overcoming fears that certain opponents present and mental strategies for focus and confidence in competition. In each of these areas, Lynch offers practical mental training solutions to help overcome the specific mental obstacles that you may be experiencing. In addition, Lynch demonstrates a series of activities that reinforce the idea that positive thinking truly does impact an athlete's performance and resolve to compete. This video is a must have for the serious runner looking to take his/her running to the next level!

64 minutes. 2008.

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