Ben Jacobson: Fundamental Drills for Basketball Practice

Ben Jacobson: Fundamental Drills for Basketball Practice
Ben Jacobson: Fundamental Drills for Basketball Practice
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  • Improve your team's shooting by getting shots out of your offensive action
  • Guard the ball more effectively this season
  • Improve your team's rebounding with the numbers rebounding drill
with Ben Jacobson,
University of Northern Iowa Head Coach;
2010 NCAA Sweet Sixteen team;
2x Missouri Valley Coach of the Year (2009 and 2010);
back-to-back MVC Champs (2009-2010)

Improve key basketball skills and concepts in your program using 14 of Ben Jacobson's best offensive and defensive drills.

He shares a few of his team's effective shooting drills by incorporating his motion offense screening actions to get his players to develop communication, reading screens and working on screening while getting shots. In these 3-man shooting drills, the players are getting two shots out of each screening action including the diagonal down screen and elbow screen. Coach Jacobson demonstrates his screening philosophy as well as the options his players have after reading the defense.

He then goes into his 2-minute layup drill, which is a full court drill used to work on passing and catching as well as conditioning.

In the defensive drills segment, Jacobson shares his defensive philosophy which is 80 percent Pack-Line defense and 20 percent ball denial-push, sideline-rotate baseline.

He takes you through the alley drill, which is used to work on defending the ball without fouling and containing the dribble.

He moves into his 3-on-3 defensive shell drill that his teams work on every day and focuses on the early help position and guarding up in the gap to stop dribble penetration. He uses this drill to build his defensive fundamentals including angle of approach, closeouts, guarding the dribble and help rotation. Train your players to set the defense in all situations and force the offense to play into a set defense as often as possible.

In his numbers rebounding drill, Jacobson shows you how your players can ride with the opponent away from the basket to create space to gather a "clean" rebound.

The session ends with his defensive disadvantage drill which puts all the fundamentals worked on earlier together in a scramble situation.

Improve your practices this season with this excellent selection of drills and concepts!

68 minutes. 2010.

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