Best of Club Volleyball: Serve Receive Strategies

Best of Club Volleyball: Serve Receive Strategies
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Use serve receive patterns and options based on player personnel to optimize your attack!

  • Learn four ways to use serve receive patterns contingent on your system (5-1, 6-2)
  • Get a variety of drills to enhance communication during serve receive
  • Learn how to use serve receive patterns for tactical purposes, efficient transition movements, and attack patterns

with Gwen Egbert,
Doane University Head Coach;
former Papillion-LaVista (NE) and Papillion-LaVista South (NE) High School Head Coach;
Coach Egbert won 700 games at the high school level along with six Class A State Championships & seven runner-up honors; her teams reached the championship game of the Class A Tournament in 13 of their 17 state tournament appearances.

Ball control is one of the most important aspects of volleyball and coaches are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve their team's ball control in serve receive. Learning new options and patterns to run your serve receive can do just that.

Using players on court, Gwen Egbert provides a wide variety of serve receive strategies and patterns to provide flexibility in how you set up your team. She provides options to use to help your team side out by making the opponent adjust to new patterns within each rotation. She also gives tips on how to utilize 2-person and 3-person strategies and personnel adjustments based on your team's strengths and weaknesses.

You'll get a variety of drills you can use to enhance your team's serve receive and communication. From progressive drills, to drills that work on movement and ending with more competitive game-like drills, these drills and processes are broken down into specifics. Egbert gives you plenty of room to be creative and learn a better way to run your systems.

Serve Receive Options within All Six Rotations

Egbert shows basic serve receive options and provides more complex serve receive patterns to take advantage of the offensive strengths of your team. She covers both the 6-2 and 5-1 offensive system rotations and introduces serve receive concepts that allow you to advance your team to a higher level by putting your best passers in position to drive your offense.

Train Your Serve Receive Passers to Move and Communicate

Egbert teaches several variations of drills designed to develop movement and communication with your passers. She uses the drills to show and practice court coverage in a three-person serve receive formation. Egbert emphasizes team flow to transition passers from serve receive to hitting coverage and in-play communication.

Drills for Specific Serve Receive Techniques

Egbert provides variations for five drills that put emphasis on changing serve receive patterns. Each of her drills extend into more advanced options that push your players.

Learn how to apply each drill relative to each serve receive pattern (2-person, 3-Person, or a spread). This allows you to use options when a certain pattern doesn't work in a match without using a timeout. Switching the passers allows for your team to adjust on a fly in a match or set.

The serve receive drills that Egbert provides allow for the athletes to apply their footwork, movement, and communication skills. The variations also apply to the servers, giving them an opportunity to apply their serving accuracy while players work on the angles of their platform to improve their pass accuracy.

Practice progresses on to full court 6v1 Coach with the coach initiating where you see the 6v0 Big Time Kill drill, which goes through each rotation. Playing through each rotation will provide you with an evaluation of each rotation so you can determine what works and doesn't work in accordance with each player personnel. In the Flow Drill, for example, Egbert has the team focus on serve receive passing as well as improving communication and hitter coverage in one drill.

Coach Egbert gives you everything you need to adjust your serve receive patterns, update your offense, and run new plays through quick-paced and informative drills.

65 minutes. 2017.

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