Building an Up-Tempo Offensive Line

Building an Up-Tempo Offensive Line
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A unique look at how to groom your offensive line for a high-tempo offensive philosophy!

  • Learn how to teach the three main blocks used in zone up-tempo offense
  • Learn how to teach "the difference" to have proper positioning on the offensive line
  • Includes game footage and practice footage of offensive line techniques and drills

with AJ Blazek;
North Dakota State Offensive Line Coach;
former Rutgers University Assistant Coach/Offensive Line;
former Western Illinois Offensive Line Coach/Run Game Coordinator for Western Illinois;
Graduate Assistant at the University of Iowa (where he was a 2x All-Big Ten Lineman)

The traditional way of running an offense has changed; it's a lot of no-huddle, fast pace and signaling-in plays. Getting each position group to play at this tempo can be difficult. If you want an offense that can push the pace and wear a defense down, your offensive linemen have to be sharp and in shape. See how AJ Blazek gets his offensive lineman ready, both mentally and physically, to play and practice at an up-tempo pace.

Blazek explains what he implements during the off-season and preseason to help build for the regular season. Using video, he illustrates how he conditions his players without making it seem like conditioning. He uses competitions and different ways to move the body to get his players into the required shape for top-notch performance. You'll see 12 drills, including the mat drills that teach toughness, competitiveness, and the mental approach to the game.

Why Run Up-Tempo Offense?

You will learn the benefits of playing up-tempo offense as opposed to a traditional offensive system. Benefits include:

  • Keeps your opponent in a base defense
  • Allows you to get plays off quicker
  • Everyone on your team gets signaled the plays

Good Lineman Technique - The Difference

Coach Blazek talks about "the difference" and how he can tell if an offensive lineman has good technique or not. You will see how having thumbs up, elbows in and wrists together is such an important part of developing your offensive line skills. Additionally, Coach Blazek discusses:

  • How using a 2x4 piece of wood can help teach "the difference"
  • How to progress to various teaching tools to teach "the difference"
  • On-field game footage and practice footage of how to correct players not using "the difference"

Drills and Mentality

Coach Blazek gives you 12 drills that create offensive lineman who use their hands well and utilize drive techniques while playing up-tempo. He builds on all the key elements for an offensive lineman, starting with stance, hands, and drive. You'll see:

  • The Plus 2 finish to get players to play through the whistle
  • How to incorporate injured players into practice so they don't lose their edge
  • How to create competition in drills, such as tug of war and bone dummy drill, to teach the mental and physical part of the game
  • How to execute a base block, wide reach and tight reach block

Once linemen have the blocking basics learned, Coach Blazek covers the different types of runs they use.

Coach Blazek gives you the tools you need to make sure your offensive line is mentally and physically able to play in an up-tempo offense. Whether it be by using the difference mat or bag drills, everything shown will help you develop your offensive line into an elite group!

68 minutes. 2017.

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