Championship Signature Move Series: Keith Gavin's Underhooks & Drags

Championship Signature Move Series: Keith Gavin's Underhooks & Drags
Championship Signature Move Series: Keith Gavin's Underhooks & Drags
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Product Description

  • Learn how to launch different attacks to either side of the opponent's body using underhooks
  • Learn how to use an underhook after losing head position
  • See how to finish underhook takedowns on the feet and on the mat
  • Learn how to counter opponents' common positions and reactions
with Keith Gavin,
University of Pittsburgh Head Coach;
former University of Virginia Assistant Coach;
member of the 2013 U.S. National Freestyle Wrestling Team;
2008 NCAA Champion at Pittsburgh; 2x All American; 2x EWL Wrestler of the Year; 120 collegiate wins

This underhook series will help you improve your offense on your feet from one of the most dominant ties in wrestling. U.S. National Freestyle wrestler Keith Gavin presents his underhook takedown series from tie-up to finish. He presents takedowns from both the lead leg side as well as the opposite leg side.

No matter what your opponent's reaction, Coach Gavin offers a scoring option for the offensive wrestler. Rather than providing several different variations off a single position, Coach Gavin breaks decision making into a series of simple reads: always do A unless he does X, in which case you do B. Instead of just a few new moves, you'll get an extremely effective system for attacking with underhooks.

Being able to use an underhook off your strong side is the most fundamental of skills. Coach Gavin shares a solid series of attacks from this position, as well as entries into the position. The series starts with a throw-by to a single leg takedown. This first takedown is presented with a high-level finish, as well as low-level finishes on the mat when your opponent counters with a whizzer. Coach Gavin adds options for a double leg takedown, as well as a front headlock option to a go-behind to be used when the single leg is not available.

Coach Gavin also gives four takedowns to use when you get into the even more dominant, double underhook position. You will be able to score with a throw-by, snap/front headlock, a footsweep or a modified arm drag from double underhooks.

Opponents will often grab collar ties or wrists to try and slow down an opponent. Coach Gavin shows some of his signature drags to deal with this scenario. In addition, you'll see some of his favorite takedowns from an opposite lead leg, including a high-crotch, front headlock to a go-behind, a shrug, inside trip and an arm drag.

This is an excellent series that teaches the most of the fundamentals of an underhook as well as some slightly less common positions that are very specific to coach Coach Gavin's game.

55 minutes. 2015.

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