Controlling the Running Game & Fielding the Position

Controlling the Running Game & Fielding the Position
Controlling the Running Game & Fielding the Position
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  • Get a mix of three pick-off moves to keep baserunners guessing and reduce stolen bases
  • Learn how to use a jab step to deliver the ball more quickly to the plate
  • Learn how to execute all bunt defenses from the mound, including sacrifice bunts, a suicide squeeze and a safety squeeze
  • Discover how to develop your pitcher's mound presence so they remain cool, calm, and collected during games
with Scott Forbes,
University of North Carolina Associate Head Coach/Pitching Coach;
helped lead UNC to three College World Series appearances (2009, '11, '13);
Collegiate Baseball newspaper's 2008 National College Pitching Coach of the Year;
has coached the top three strikeout pitchers in UNC history; the UNC pitching staff had the fourth-lowest ERA in the nation in 2012; collegiate coach of Daniel Bard, Andrew Miller and Matt Harvey

Get deep into the game of baseball by teaching things many coaches overlook and most fans never notice. In this presentation, Scott Forbes discusses the often neglected aspects of being a complete pitcher: Controlling the run game, having good mound presence, and being able to field your position.

Controlling the Running Game
Every pitcher should understand how to control the running game. Coach Forbes outlines the components of keeping opponents from stealing bases against your pitchers. He stresses the importance of a pitcher being quick to the plate while maintaining his stuff. He shows how to deliver the ball quickly to the plate using a jab step to give the catcher a chance to throw the runner, while maintaining velocity and accuracy on their pitches.

A good, quick pick-off move is a must. Using live demonstration, Coach Forbes shows various moves to first base and second base that keep the runners in check and help avoid giving up a big inning. You'll see how a good, quick pick-off move involves keeping the ball ear-level and throwing from there. Coach Forbes shares the different pick-off moves used by his pitchers, including the balk move, quick pick, and hold pick for right handers along with the snap and slide pick for lefties. Coach Forbes works on each move in a drill sequence, moving from one to the next.

Mound Presence
A pitcher sets the tone for the rest of the team by maintaining a strong mound presence. A cool head on the mound carries over to the rest of the defensive unit. Coach Forbes explains how he encourages his pitchers to play with emotion but maintain control and exude confidence. He also shares his strategies for working through tough situations that occur during the course of a game.

Fielding the Position
Through a demonstration of PFPs (pitchers' fielding practice), Coach Forbes and his Carolina pitchers demonstrate how to cover first base on a ball hit to the first baseman (stressing the importance for the pitcher to stay on his route), throwing to second base after a comebacker to start a double play, throwing to home on a comebacker with the bases loaded, and how to communicate and field the "tweener" between the mound and first base. Coach Forbes also shows pitchers and coaches the importance of this sometimes undervalued aspect of the game.

Getting an out in bunt situations stops the opposing team from scoring easy runs and discourages a big inning offensively. Coach Forbes' pitchers demonstrate the techniques of fielding bunts on both sides of the field and defending the squeeze while the he explains the fundamentals of fielding and throwing the ball as well as the overall philosophy of getting the lead out.

Coach Forbes covers all of the bases when it comes to run game control, building the necessary mindset to be an effective pitcher, and being a playmaker on defense from the mound. Many pitchers have success in controlled sessions and in throwing specific drills. Coach Forbes bridges the gap from the bullpen to live game action.

63 minutes. 2015.

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