Creating the Complete Slap Hitter

Creating the Complete Slap Hitter
Creating the Complete Slap Hitter
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  • Learn creative and competitive drills that will develop consistent slap hitters
  • Master slapping techniques including contact slap, power slap, and the bunt -- and know when to use them
  • Get over 15 drills to maximize the uniquely personal talents of your individual slappers
  • Employ proven techniques to keep the defense guessing
  • Get base running tips that enhance the importance of scoring runs and putting pressure on the defense
with Kyla Holas, University of Houston Head Coach;
2x Conference USA Coach of the Year;
3x All American at Louisiana-Lafayette

Establish solid fundamentals and utilize drills to make your slappers more versatile and effective against all defenses.

Starting with footwork and the all-important first step, then going through timing all the way to follow-through, University of Houston, Kyla Holas explains the fundamentals of slap hitting and delivers the drills that improve mechanics and ball path.

Get your slappers "hitting while running" instead of running while hitting — and see what a difference it makes in their effectiveness. Hit through the 5-6 hole, create high bouncers, hit at specific targets in the infield and outfield—and drop that killer bunt (with one hand or two!)—all with the techniques and approaches shared by Coach Holas.

You'll learn the elements of the contact slap, the power slap, and the drop bunt. You'll understand the role of the hands, and how the hands make the difference between a contact slapper and a power slapper. And you'll develop the most dangerous slap hitters using numerous drills, including: Catch & Throw; Phase; Double Ball; Extension Tee; Bouncy Balls, Dots, Nets In Outfield, Challenge Drill; Lacrosse Stick Drill; and a culminating "Tee-Toss-Live" progression that covers bunt, contact slap and power slap.

In addition, Holas delivers the basics of baserunning. Learn to take every inch your opponent will give you. Holas explains and demonstrates the essentials for running paths at each base, leads, infield reads, outfield reads, tag ups and 1st & 3rd situations. Create smart, aggressive base runners!

This combination of slap hitting and base running will help you turn up the run production this season!

45 minutes. 2012.

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