Defensive Line Drills

Defensive Line Drills
Defensive Line Drills
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Product Description

  • Develop speed and agility in your defensive line
  • Shed blocks and create more turnovers
  • Incorporate new drills into your football practices
with Greg Mark,
former University of Miami Defensive Line Coach

Coach Mark teaches the football drills he uses to develop the agility, speed, and explosion necessary for a defensive lineman. The essential aspects of dominating the line are explained step-by-step from the ground up. Mark starts with the fundamentals and works up to live blockers, highlighting the keys to each drill. He demonstrates effective low-impact and full-contact drills. He incorporates drills using bags, boards, sleds, chutes, cones, hoops and live blockers that stress getting off the line, explosion, shedding the block, tackling, and creating turnovers. These football drills deal with everything from the moves (speed rush, rip, bull, spin, etc.) needed to counter the offensive line to the reads, stunts, and combinations that improve the whole defensive unit. Mark teaches defensive line drills that promote an attacking, controlling style of defense.

55 minutes. 2003.

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