Defensive Practice Planning and 50 Front Defense vs. the Spread

Defensive Practice Planning and 50 Front Defense vs. the Spread
Defensive Practice Planning and 50 Front Defense vs. the Spread
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Product Description

  • Learn how to effectively adjust your 50 front defense to the spread offense
  • Get a weekly practice schedule for working on both the 50 and nickel fronts
  • Learn blitzes to incorporate into your 50 front defensive scheme versus the spread
  • Discover concepts for more effective scout team execution in practice
with J.T. Curtis, John Curtis Christian School (LA) High School;
over 500 career victories;2012 Louisiana Class 2A State High School Champions (25 titles total);
the Consensus 2012 High School National Champion, 2012 USA Today National HS Coach of the Year

Rarely do we get an opportunity to learn from a legend and almost never from a legend who is still coaching. The John Curtis football program has been one of the most successful programs in the country. Listening to J.T. Curtis, you will quickly see why he has accomplished the unthinkable. In this incredible DVD, he takes you through the practice preparation (defense) that has made his players so successful on and off the field. Coach Curtis expands his talk with an analysis of the adjustments he makes with his 50 front defense to respond to the ever popular spread offense.

In a highly detailed presentation that uses overhead projection, Coach Curtis defines the intangibles he and his coaches use each season to create successful offensive, defensive, and special teams. He focuses his presentation on practice organization, while implementing defensive concepts and drills. He shares some of the drills used at the beginning of the season to build defensive pursuit to the ball carrier out of his 50 defense.

Coach Curtis continues his presentation with a discussion of the 50-front defense and the different ways it is used against various offensive formations. In order to have effective personnel on the field, all of the important position changes are analyzed. Coach Curtis identifies the mismatches a 50-front can create on the spread offense, and provides various blitzes that can be utilized.

Coach Curtis also shows the 4-3 front he uses, which gives multiple looks at his defense. His nickel package deploys the 4-2-5 look and he points out the importance of pass rush lane integrity by the defensive line. Coach Curtis also discusses the opportunity to bring five defenders from his 50-front and how the "bluff" position by his linebackers creates problems for offensive line protections. All of the adjustments and techniques are thoroughly demonstrated and explained.

For a successful season, make J.T. Curtis' proven method of organization part of your practice plans. Add in the 50 front adjustments to the ever-popular spread offense and create mismatches and havoc on opponents.

Produced at the 2013 Orlando Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

62 minutes. 2013.

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