Developing Dominating Defensive Linemen

Developing Dominating Defensive Linemen
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Discover a repertoire of defensive techniques that help your players 'react to what they get!'

  • Learn agility drills that enable players to have quicker hands, quicker feet, and quicker hips
  • Discover the "difference," which is the Rutgers way of blow delivery with hand placement as well as how to disengage from the defender
  • Learn a drill progression teaching defensive lineman to "set the edge" in a physical demeanor

with Shane Burnham,
Rutgers University Assistant Coach/Defensive Line;
former Iowa State University Assistant Coach

Learn how to develop a skill set in the off-season that will teach your linemen how to explode through contact and dominate the line of scrimmage.

Shane Burnham knows the dedication and devotion teams need in the off-season to build their players' technique. Coach Burnham takes you through non-padded off-season drills you can use in the months of January through August leading up to the season. Coach Burnham shows you drills and the role of the coach in order to build a strong defensive line unit.

Using practice and game film, Coach Burnham explains the techniques and drills necessary to develop average players into explosive defenders that uses violent hands, violent feet, and violent hips to strike and escape offensive linemen. These skills can be worked on by the defensive line year-round in small groups or on an individual basis. Drills include:

  • Agility drills with stunt footwork
  • Re-direct drills for getting linemen to the ball
  • "The Difference" - Teaching proper blow delivery using a small piece of wood such as a two-by-four
  • Sled drills for violent hands
  • Escape drills that teach the strike and snag technique

Your players will learn how to "set the edge" of the defender they're aligned on and develop the ability to attack the weak link of the offensive lineman to escape the block and get to the football to make plays.

Today's offenses play fast and use finesse to destroy the defense. The best way to beat a finesse team is with physical play; Coach Burnham shows you how to get your players to play in a violent manner that will destroy any finesse spread offense.

109 minutes. 2017.

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