Developing the Defensive Back: Stance to Tackling

Developing the Defensive Back: Stance to Tackling
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Learn defensive skills and drills that help defensive backs defend against the run and pass!

  • Create a total defensive back with footwork skills, ball skills and tackling skills
  • Learn the "difference," a concept for attacking the opponent with the hands to fight off blocks and make more plays on the perimeter
  • Teach cushion and leverage to your defensive backs and improve your team's ability to defend the pass

with Bill Busch,
Rutgers University Assistant Coach/Defensive Backs;
former Assistant Coach at Ohio State,Wisconsin, Nebraska and Utah

With the popularity of the spread offense, the defensive back is forced to have a multiple skill set to defend and tackle in space while having good footwork in the passing game. Learning and teaching the skills to combat the spread offense is a must. Bill Busch shows you how to develop the total defensive back through a series of 12 drills that create proper use of hands and feet.

Defensive Back Drills

Skill work is sometimes overlooked to work on schemes. Coach Busch shows you how to incorporate everyday drills that your players can move through quickly as they improve their skills on a daily basis. A defensive back has to engage blockers and shed them to help the stop the run game, and also be able to maintain position while covering the pass game.

The cushion and leverage drill teaches players about breaking down, turning the hips, and getting to the hip to stop the dreadful deep ball pass. Other drills include single- and double-line footwork drills using the pedal box, speed turns, and ball drills that teach high pointing the football

Tackling Drills

There will be a point in a game where a defensive back will have to make the tackle that stops the other team from scoring. Coach Busch uses safe and proper form tackling every day and puts his players in situations they'll see in a game. This creates faster reactions and decision making to seek and destroy the ball carrier. Rugby-style tackling drills include knee tackling, the crash mat, and wrap & roll. The 6 Cone Drill is an exciting drill for getting your defensive backs to adjust their angles to get the ball carrier to the ground.

Having a drill sequence that emphasizes the fundamentals for success is the only way to compete against quality opponents. Coach Busch uses practice video from Rutgers as well as game video to show you how to develop championship skills in your players.

Plug in these drills from Coach Busch into your daily routines and build your players from the off-season straight through the regular season!

66 minutes. 2017.

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