Dominant Ties: Hand Fighting System

Dominant Ties: Hand Fighting System
Dominant Ties: Hand Fighting System
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Discover elite hand fighting skills broken down into easy to learn, teachable parts
  • Learn how to wear down your opponent to keep them off balance and create more openings for better shots
  • Learn over 10 drills for building an attacking mentality in your wrestlers
  • Learn three dominant ties that create attacking angles for more successful shots
with Mike Powell,
Oak Park River Forest (IL) High School; 2x Illinois Dual Team State Champions;
2012 National Wrestling Hall of Fame - recipient of the Medal of Courage;
former Illinois National Team Greco-Roman Coach; 2012 USA Wrestling Cadet Coach of the Year;
All-American wrestler at Indiana University

Mike Powell, head coach of two Illinois Dual Team State Championships at Oak Park River Forest High School, shares a system of dominant hand fighting skills that are sure to produce great results on the mat.

When working with his team, Coach Powell breaks his takedown instruction into thirds: set-up, attack and finish. He spends a lot of time on the first third, set-ups, especially on creating openings with the hands and feet because that's where hand fighting comes into play.

Fundamentals of Hand Fighting

Coach Powell starts with the basics, explaining the key words that go along with the fundamental techniques and why they are important to dominant hand fighting:

  • Good Approach - Learn three approaches that focus on getting the opponent to back up and feel panicked. A good approach allows wrestlers to move their opponent anywhere on the mat, setting them up for a shot, and gives the opponent problems getting to their legs.
  • Head Position - Get key pointers to progress to your set up, as well as a better attack.
  • Heavy Hands - Wear your opponent out and move them into an advantage position.
  • Transferring Hands - If there's no opening after a long pull, the wrestler needs to move their hands to keep wearing on the opponent to create a new angle/opening.
  • Forward-Forward-Back - Get the opponent to resist to get them off balance. This move is great for opening up the opponent for a snap.

Snap Downs

Coach Powell's hand fighting system focuses on the snap. He details four snap downs that lead to better attack angles or to short offense. The traditional snap, 50-50 snap, arm snap and foot fake snap are all broken down by Coach Powell.

Dominant Ties

Learn three techniques to shut down your opponent and open up your attacks. You'll see the underhook, football tie and the 2-on-1. Additionally, Coach Powell shows three variations of the 2-on-1: a traditional tie (with and without head position), a Keyhole Lock (a Coach Powell favorite that his teams have used with great success) and the Baseball Grip, which can also help a wrestler who gives up too many attacks on the approach.

Hand Fighting Drills

Coach Powell demonstrates over 10 drills to build an attacking mentality awhile incorporating snaps into all of his drills. These drills reinforce good head position (unless you have a dominant tie), reassess position after a break, create angles and more. The goal of the drills is to force kids to work through the positions to keep their hands and feet moving. This teaches wrestlers how to be aggressive.

This video contains great instruction on Coach Powell's hand fighting system. Perfect for any coach or wrestler who's looking to get elite drills and skills for hand fighting!

81 minutes. 2011.

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