Drills for Building an Attacking 3-Out & 4-Out Offense

Drills for Building an Attacking 3-Out & 4-Out Offense
Drills for Building an Attacking 3-Out & 4-Out Offense
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Product Description

  • Teach your post players how to run the floor properly and think "score" during transition
  • Learn how to add more dimension to your guards' game
  • Teach your guards how to use and make specific reads off of a ball screen
  • Learn four key skills that will help post players become more successful in the paint
with John Giannini,
former La Salle University Head Coach;
2013 Big 5 Coach of the Year; 2013 Sweet 16; 2013 Big 5 Co-Champs; back-to-back 20-win seasons

With any offense, players must be able to pass, shoot or drive to create a scoring opportunity. In this video featuring John Giannini's Three- and -Four-Guard Offense, Coach Giannini takes you through a typical, 30-minute post/guard player development session. You'll learn how to develop guards and posts to complement each other and to play in the half-court against any defense.

Each workout session uses on-court demonstrations to show how to properly execute each drill.

Post Workout:
Post players learn four ways to get easy baskets by running the floor, catching with two feet in the paint, utilizing back-to-the-basket concepts and finishing strong around the rim. Post players learn to pass, dribble, slide dribble in the post, ball screen and roll from the wing. They also learn how to perfect their offensive rebounding habits. Finally, you get 10 minutes of actual game footage that shows the skill developed by the drill and how Giannini's players use that skill in a game setting.

Guard Workout:
This workout is designed for the pure guard. Coach Giannini teaches guard development using six concepts in the half-court. This segment emphasizes ball handling, creating a shooting culture, ball screen usage, and penetrating and kicking with dribble at actions by your post players.

The drills in this must-have video will help your players learn to score on any defensive player guarding them.

80 minutes. 2014.

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