Drills & Mechanics to Build a Better Swing

Drills & Mechanics to Build a Better Swing
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Product Description

Build hitters that seamlessly transition from the cage to the batter's box!

  • Teach your hitters to stay balanced so they can make contact with any pitch
  • Discover drills for strike zone recognition that will improve athletes' mental approach
  • Receive tips on how to teach hitters to stay inside the ball and hit with power from gap to gap

with Gabe Gross,
Auburn University Assistant Coach;
helped lead Auburn to top 20 finishes in the country in runs, home runs, scoring, hits, walks, and doubles in his first season as assistant coach (2018); three-year starter and 1st Team All-American for Auburn as a player; 1st round draft pick in the 2001 MLB Draft (Toronto Blue Jays); seven-year MLB career

Pitching at every level has become more explosive, which has in turn made it harder and harder for hitters to keep up. High velocity and movement have combined to make it tougher for players to hit for both contact and power.

To combat the improved pitching talent, Auburn's Gabe Gross has put together this instructional video that will help you teach your hitters to stay balanced and drive the baseball. Included is a series of 12 drills that move from the tee, to short toss, to a machine, and finally to a four-station batting practice.

Short Toss Drills

Coach Gross starts off with short toss drills designed to help players stay balanced and get a feel for the strike zone. The innovative 7 Ball Drill will help your players calibrate their individual strike zone recognition, while the Speed Up Slow Down Drill will develop an effective 2-strike approach.

Tee Drills

A series of six drills off the tee are used to help improve hitters' swing path, load, and weight transfer. The Inside Pitch-Outside Tee Drill will teach your hitters to keep their front side closed and stay on the ball longer. Multiple resistance band drills are used to teach hitters how to properly load and maintain balance.

Machine Drills

A progression of drills using a pitching machine is used by Coach Gross to challenge hitters and build their 2-strike approach. The Quick Hands Drill is particularly useful at helping hitters learn to "let the ball travel" and hit with a quiet front side.

Batting Practice

A four-station model for batting practice is presented so you can see how to "put it all together." The stations involve bunting, tee work and machine drills. An alternate version of BP is also presented in which live defenders play every ball off the bat in a game-like fashion, helping your team improve their all around skills.

Coach Gross uses this series of drills to show you exactly how to improve your hitters. These drills helped Auburn hit 73 home runs in 2018 (#16 in D-I) and they will help your athletes step into the box with confidence during every at-bat.

55 minutes. 2019.

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