Dwight Hinson: Off the Wall Drills for Bottom Position

Dwight Hinson: Off the Wall Drills for Bottom Position
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Get a variety of innovative drills to improve bottom position technique!

  • Use the wall to perfect your stand-up technique and develop muscle memory
  • Learn how to create back pressure to help wrestlers avoid being returned to the mat
  • See the Hanky Drill, which teaches athletes to continue to attack even when they aren't in perfect position

with Dwight Hinson,
Central Iowa Wrestling Club Head Coach;
4x All-American at Iowa State University;
3x Big 12 Champion; 138 career victories

One of the hardest positions in wrestling is the bottom position because the longer a wrestler is in that position, the less chance they have of winning the match.

In this video, Central Iowa Wrestling Club's head coach, Dwight Hinson, a 3x Big 12 Champion, teaches the style that helped him earn All-American status all four years in college. His club is all about development at the youth level, which has motivated him to develop several effective drills that keep the attention of kids throughout practice.

You'll see Hinson illustrate nine different drills that will help any wrestler move better on the bottom. His creative approach involves using the wall to create an opportunity to escape.

Hinson uses the wall to help wrestlers work on stand-ups and hip heists. The wall becomes a valuable tool in the Float Drill by helping wrestlers learn how to prevent getting taken back to the mat. Once out, the wall becomes an important piece to help athletes build their neutral position defense as taught in the Body Lock Drill. Finally, Hinson's exercises culminate in the Hanky Drill, which helps develop all aspects of attacking from the feet.

If you need some new drills to bring into your practice routine, this video provides plenty that will help your wrestlers learn to get out of the bottom position. Coach Hinson does a great job at reinforcing for wrestlers to maintain great position in all areas; his lessons will be extremely valuable to coaches working with wrestlers at the youth level.

38 minutes. 2018.

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