Greg Burnett 2-Pack

Greg Burnett 2-Pack
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  • Understand the significance of a quality at-bat and its value to team offensive success
  • Learn two fast-paced drill sets that incorporate the entire infield and provide plenty of reps for common defensive situations

with Greg Burnett,
Texas Lutheran University Head Coach;
2018 NCAA D-III Runners-Up;
10 consecutive postseason appearances;
has produced nine All-Americans in 12 seasons at Texas Lutheran

Texas Lutheran University's Greg Burnett blends detailed discussions of offensive philosophy and on-field practice in this video. You'll be sure to collect ideas to better prepare your baseball team for success, no matter the level you coach.

Quality At-Bats

Burnett shares his philosophy for team offense and his focus on "quality at-bats." He outlines the correlation between at-bat success and victories, which will be sure to inspire you to incorporate portions, if not all, of his system.

BP and Baserunning

This video includes multiple batting practice approaches that generate confident and effective hitters and baserunners. You'll be able to observe a "pre-game" style batting practice that you can use to help your players feel the freedom of their swing. Additionally, Coach Burnett runs through the "Two-Plate Batting Practice Drill" and how it can be used to better prepare athletes to adjust to different pitch speeds.

Finally, watch as Burnett incorporates live baserunning into BP. He shows how Texas Lutheran uses timed batting practice, as well as how players focus on specific areas of their game and address them during practice.

The great thing about this video is you get the behind-the-scenes philosophy before being shown how to take it to the field to perfect it. If your program is in search of a starting point for building or improving its team offense, Coach Burnett has exactly what you're seeking!

42 minutes. 2019.

with Greg Burnett,
Texas Lutheran University Head Coach;
2018 NCAA D-III Runners-Up;
10 consecutive postseason appearances;
has produced nine All-Americans in 12 seasons at Texas Lutheran

Games are won and lost based on free bases. An efficient team defense will help your team win the free base battle by reducing errors. In this video, Texas Lutheran's Greg Burnett shows how to make your team more efficient defensively and win more games.

Team Defense Philosophy

Coach Burnett explains his four-part defensive philosophy:

  • Make the "100% plays"
  • Have athletic pitchers and infielders
  • Pitchers must be good defenders
  • Outfielders must be able to field ground balls and break back on fly balls.

This philosophy is explained by Burnett in a classroom setting before he goes to the field and demonstrates with players.

On The Field

On the diamond, Burnett shows two drill sets that his teams use daily. These can be completed in 10 minutes or less. These drills will help catchers with their throwing footwork, infielders with turning double plays, and pitchers with fielding their positions.

Burnett then moves on to pick-offs at first base. The Texas Lutheran program believes that pitchers must be able to control the running game. This multi-purpose drill helps base runners learn to read pitchers when stealing bases while improving catcher footwork and throwing mechanics. Pitchers will learn how to adjust their timing to the plate in order to disrupt the timing of base stealers.

A series of short hops drills are shown to help your players soften their hands. These are done in building block fashion, progressing from kneeling to standing to charging. Outfielders field ground balls from a fungo hitter at varying distances and angles. Then they are run through four variations of the Two Ball Drill.

Coach Burnett provides you with eight drills in total that will help your players improve their fundamental skills defensively. These drills will reduce errors made by your team through more efficient team defense.

48 minutes. 2019.

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