Hurricane Gun Option Offense: Run Game (the 'Duo' Play)

Hurricane Gun Option Offense: Run Game (the 'Duo' Play)
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Grind out yards on the ground in the Hurricane Gun Option Offense!

  • Master the "Duo" run play, including assignments for every player on offense
  • Discover several drills that teach proper blocking technique and footwork
  • See how Coach Orbin incorporates QB runs and RPOs into the "Duo" play

with Will Orbin,
Barton College Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach;
former Leesville Road High School (NC) Offensive Coordinator;
former Christopher Newport University Assistant Coach / Offensive Line;
former Louisburg College Offensive Coordinator

In order to implement the full version of Will Orbin's Hurricane Gun Option Offense, you must ensure your team can run the ball effectively when it needs to. This video covers Coach Orbin's "Duo" play, which is a versatile look that works against many kinds of defense, and also touches on blocking techniques and assignments for the offensive line.

The "Duo" Play

Coach Orbin starts by giving an explanation of the "Duo" play, which is a gap scheme similar to power, but without a pulling guard. He then diagrams the play against a variety of different defenses, including 4-3, 4-2, 3-4 and Bear defenses.

Additionally, you'll get a detailed explanation of quarterback footwork and mechanics, plus running back footwork, aiming points, and reads.

Learn Several Blocking Drills

Orbin spends a considerable amount of time detailing the finer points of offensive line play and how it relates to any gap blocking scheme. You'll see him explain how he teaches the post man and drive man on all combination blocks using a progression that includes:

  • Steps on air
  • Sled work
  • 2 vs 1 drills
  • 2 vs 2 drills

Coach Orbin also diagrams various combination blocks that are used for both the front side and back side lineman and fullback. Several drills are shown that teach these techniques in a linear fashion for maximum carryover by your players.

Protecting the "Duo" Play

Finally, you'll see how to protect the "Duo" play by having your quarterback read a specific defender for a run keep, as well as how Coach Orbin incorporates RPOs to keep the defense off balance. This section includes instruction on how to make the play work against a variety of defensive looks, including fronts where the defense has the offense outnumbered. It's in these scenarios that Coach Orbin demonstrates how the offense avoid running a bad play that has no chance for success.

This is an excellent video that not only covers run play, but also provides a comprehensive look at offensive line play in modern offensive football. Allow Coach Orbin to give you what you need to succeed on the ground!

127 minutes. 2019.

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