Individual & Team Shooting Drills That Simulate Game Situations

Individual & Team Shooting Drills That Simulate Game Situations
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Develop high-performing shooters with 12 elite shooting drills!

  • Learn shooting drills that work on mid-range pull-ups to help players create their own shot at any time
  • Train players to score as the dribbler or screener in pick & rolls
  • Get drills to develop the footwork and confidence to shoot on the move after receiving the ball on a hand-off

with Pat Clatchey,
Mount St. Joseph (MD) High School Boys Head Coach;
over 600 career wins; 16x Coach of the Year;
2018 Jordan Brand Classic Coach;
2009 McDonald's All-American Head Coach;
23 league and tournament championships since 2003;
has developed over 40 D-I student athletes

Strong defenses won't let great shooters easily find an open shot. This video will help you train your players to be threats in any situation by scoring off of dribble moves or by utilizing screens!

Starting from a basic warm-up and progressing through highly challenging catch-and-move drills, Pat Clatchey has put together a comprehensive compilation of individual and team drills that are both varied and highly effective. Each drill is broken down to provide focus on key areas of the game. Penetrate and kick drills highlight the importance of making accurate passes to the perimeter and using a quick shooting release. Continuous ball screen drills are designed to help players focus on pocket passing, footwork on the roll, and attacking options off the screen.

Individual Shooting Drills

Learn five shooting drills that will work with any group size - from skill development sessions to large camps. These drills will give players the repetitions they need to develop a collection of scoring moves from various distances on the court. The Follow the Leader and Righty, Lefty drills will teach your athletes how to finish in the paint with layups or pull up from mid-range.

Great shooters can knock down the shot when they are open. However, the best scorers can create their own shot. One Minute Shooting trains players to shoot on the move through curls, flares, or sprinting the sideline in transition. The Hand-off Shooting and the 2 Ball Chair drills will develop athletes into effective scorers off the dribble with hand-offs and ball screens.

Competitive Shooting Drills

Putting pressure on shooters in practice is essential because they're going to face pressure while shooting in a game. Two competitive drills will have your players facing off against each another to have the best shooting performance. The challenge of each drill will motivate your athletes to focus on perfecting their technique in order to best their previous records.

Team Shooting Drills

Coach Clatchey shows how he incorporates five team-based shooting drills into his practices for larger groups of players. These drills emphasize making players into dynamic scorers by being able to shoot with consistency off the dribble. The Continuous Ball Screen drill shows screeners how to score effectively off rolls and pops. Also, you'll see how you can condition with a purpose with the Full Court Shooting drill.

Clatchey takes you through various facets of each drill, including set-up, points of emphasis and ways to tailor each drill to your players' skill level. Watching Coach Clatchey supervise a live version of each drill also offers valuable insights into how one very successful coach looks to build excellence in practice.

By incorporating both individual and team drills, this video gives you a full menu of ways to take your players' shooting to new distances and your team's offense to even greater heights!

63 minutes. 2018.

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