Leg Riding and Defense: Hustle and Control

Leg Riding and Defense: Hustle and Control
Leg Riding and Defense: Hustle and Control
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This is not just another leg riding video it's THE video for the next generation of leg riders!
  • Turn even the toughest opponents with physical one- and two-leg rides
  • Use leverage to combat stronger opponents and to set up the Bar Arm from a leg ride
  • Learn an effective system for escaping the grind of good leg riders

with Mark Perry, Hawkeye Wrestling Club Coach;
former University of Illinois Associate Head Coach;
2013 Amateur Wrestling News Division I Assistant Coach of the Year;
wrestled at the University of Iowa - was a 2x NCAA Champion, 4x All American, the 2005 NWCA Rookie of the Year, team captain from 2005-08;
in 2007, won the Big Ten title and the Gorrarian Trophy at the 2007 NCAA Tournament;
helped lead the Hawkeyes to an NCAA team National Championship in 2008

Mark Perry has a unique perspective on wrestling being born into one of America's foremost wrestling families. The nephew of the legendary John Smith, Perry wrestled for Blair Academy in high school and learned the "Iowa way" while wrestling for Tom Brands at the University of Iowa.

Good leg riders often devastate their opponents. They wear them down with punishing rides and hammering turns. Countering a good leg rider is a difficult task for many wrestlers. This video will change all of that.

Coach Mark Perry has taken everything he's learned from his elite mentors and developed a dominating style of leg riding and defending legs. You'll learn how to properly throw the legs and how to turn an opponent with them. You'll also learn how to escape the legs while on bottom.

Leg Riding

What separates Coach Perry from other coaches is his ability to highlight key concepts. He understands that concepts are as important as technique, and understanding concepts allows you to improve your game without having to learn hundreds of new moves.

Coach Perry describes several wrestling scenarios on the mat, and then shows you how to get the legs in to ride and turn an opponent. You won't always win the hustle, but Perry will show you how to win when things go wrong. You'll get a realistic look at how he coaches his wrestlers to win these situations.


The first 15 seconds after the whistle are crucial to maintain control over your opponent and establishing legs. Learning to beat your opponent to the inside will open up all of your breakdown options. You will learn new, creative set ups to classic breakdowns with the leg in such as the baseball grip, the crossface and the far ankle. These are punishing breakdowns that will send an early message to your opponent.

One Leg In Series

Learn three variations of the bar-arm tilt that allows you to hit multiple angles, depending on what your opponent does. No matter what your opponent's reaction, you will be able to complete the turn and score back points. Other turns in this series include:

  • Turk - Coach Perry teaches the tricks you will need to make this, already effective turn into an extraordinary turn. You will learn how to use the neck crank to put your opponent in a position where he has to turn to his back.
  • Overhook and Ankle - This cutting-edge move will baffle your opponents as they try to defend the legs. You will learn three variations of this move that allows you to dominate your opponent's entire body, which cuts down on his defensive options.

Two Leg Series

Discover how to ride with both legs in and to virtually make your opponent quit on bottom. Coach Perry shows a series of different breakdown that can be used on top to get your opponent your opponent if flat to the mat makes it much easier to get your tilts, turns and pins on top. Coach Perry shows a simple tilt and finishes with a tough power half. This isn't your father's power half. The days of unsuccessfully trying to overpower your opponent from this position are over. You will learn solid, irrefutable technique that will see your turn success rate multiply exponentially.

Defending Against Leg Riders

Simply being offensive is not enough. Too many people know how to use and ride the legs. Coach Perry knew, from being so good on top, that if he didn't get out from the legs, there w

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