Marcelo Signorelli: International Style Man-to-Man Defense

Marcelo Signorelli: International Style Man-to-Man Defense
Marcelo Signorelli: International Style Man-to-Man Defense
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  • Learn how to guard the ball, how to defend backdoor cuts and how to deny the post from Uruguayan Coach of the Year, Marcelo Signorelli
  • Use 3-on-3 play to teach your players to stop a variety of offensive schemes
  • Learn the basic concepts of help defense emphasized in international play
with Marcelo Signorelli, Head coach Club Hebracia, Uruguay;
3x Uruguayan Coach of the Year (2007, 2002, 2001), 2x Uruguayan National Champion (2011 and 2007), Observer Coach with University of Maryland (2007) and University of Arizona (2006)

International basketball has taken off because of coaches like Marcelo Signorelli. One of the best coaches to come out of Uruguay demonstrates how man-to-man defense is taught and emphasized within the international community.

Defense is non-negotiable within the Uruguayan program. With essentially a 16-second shot clock to work with, Coach Signorelli's teams are required to give full effort and put on tremendous pressure in the half court for that amount of time. In this DVD, he uses on-court demonstrations to show you the subtle differences between teaching FIBA basketball and the American style of how man-to-man defense .

Signorelli starts with 1-on-1 defense and progressively build until concepts are mastered at the 5-on-5 level. During each session, he explains how defensive spacing sometimes dictates how players help and recover when penetration occurs. He shows how he teaches denial and help positioning based on the number of passes away a defender isbetween ball handlers and defenders.

Using 3-on-3 on court demonstrations, Coach Signorelli walks through 10 drills that focus on stopping all penetration with proper on-the-ball defense and help position. You will learn how FIBA teaches concepts such as defending the dribble, off ball defenses, low post defense, and weak side defense. Your players will learn how to take action on defense instead of always reacting to what your opponent is doing the offensive end.

Coach Signorelli takes you through his man-to-man defense and how to defend any offensive action including the Flex Cut and Diamond Set. He also shows three different ways to defend the ball screen. A unique piece of this presentation is how Coach Signorelli teaches his players to play the passing lanes when they are one pass away.

Following the 3-on-3 section, players go through similar actions with 4-on-4 and 5-on-5 play. With both of these, post play is addressed as well as more challenging offensive sets. Within each however, the basic concepts taught in the 3-on-3 segment still apply.

This is an excellent and detailed look at how the international man-to-man defense is taught and implemented in the half-court setting.

Produced at the Spring 2013 Las Vegas (NV) clinic.

75 minutes. 2013.

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