Off-Season Strength & Explosiveness Training for Basketball

Off-Season Strength & Explosiveness Training for Basketball
Off-Season Strength & Explosiveness Training for Basketball
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Product Description

Develop a balance of speed, agility, and strength in your athletes.
  • Get an inside look at a live four day summer program that will benefit your athletes this off-season
  • Discover 40 challenging exercises to implement into your workouts
  • Learn exercises you can use in the weight room and in the gym that develop strength and explosiveness
with Andrew Moser,
Strength and Conditioning Coach for Men's Basketball at Iowa State University

Strength and conditioning are the foundation for athletic success. No matter how well trained a body is, focused and sport-specific training will take an athlete to a new level of performance. Andrew Moser, Director of Basketball Strength and Conditioning for Iowa State University, delivers over 40 exercises that will provide new challenges for your athletes.

This video allows you to follow the entire workout, exercise by exercise, to see how it's put together and to learn how to do the exercises.


The video begins with a description of the exercises and processes that Coach Moser goes through during the workouts. He discusses his philosophy and gives insight into the types of workouts you'll see. Upper body, speed and agility, plyometric work, lower body and balance are all addressed every day.

Coach Moser then talks about the main goals he has for these off-season workouts:

  • getting each player bigger, faster and stronger
  • helping players become more explosive
  • reducing the chance of injury

Warm Up

To effectively train, the body must be warmed up to peak performance levels. Using multi-joint directional movement, Coach Moser is able to get his players ready for what's to come.

In this section, you will see players use foam rollers and a series of dynamic stretches. Next comes medicine ball work and balance drills to enhance player performance. Tossing and throwing heavy medicine balls will not only improve hand-eye coordination and hand strength, it will also help your players' core strength and ankle stability, which are key to basketball footwork.

Strength Training

Players perform a variety of bench presses, split jerks, pull-ups, crunches, blast rows, and resistance band workouts. Cleans and snatches are two of the most important weight exercises for improving explosiveness to the rim. Each muscle group in the body must work in tandem to create vertical explosiveness and lateral quickness.

Coach Moser uses push up planks, elbow planks, and side planks in between other exercises to give players a "rest" while adding core strength and stability. Combined with other body weight workouts - such as back extensions, chin ups, ab roll outs, and glute-hamstring drops - your athletes will develop a championship-caliber core that will lessen the risk of injury and help them become more robust and agile simultaneously.

Explosiveness & Flexibility

On the court, Coach Moser uses hurdles and boxes to work on plyometric explosiveness and hip flexibility. You will see a series of diverse sprinting, shuffling, sliding and back-peddling. The emphasis is to become faster and quicker overall and to switch from one movement to another with minimal loss of speed.

All of these exercises are shown in Coach Moser's four day program and can be altered depending on your athletes. A major plus for these workout routines is the limited time spent standing around. Each exercise is done quickly, then the players move on to the next station. Coach Moser keeps his players on track and engaged with different exercises every day, preventing them from getting bored with their workouts.

This video will help ensure your players are working smarter, not just harder. They will get stronger, faster, more explosive, and most importantly, less prone to injury.

212 minutes (2 DVDs). 2015.

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