Offensive Conversion Toolbox: A Systematic Approach to Offensive Play Calling

Offensive Conversion Toolbox: A Systematic Approach to Offensive Play Calling
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Product Description

Develop your game plan to account for situations your offense must convert within a game!

  • Break down your offense by plays needed to convert certain situations
  • Stress the defense with new red zone play action passes
  • Create an effective call sheet to use in specific game situations

with Patrick Donley,
University of St. Francis Co-Offensive Coordinator / Outside Receivers Coach;
2016 NAIA National Champions, 3x NAIA National Runner-Up (2004-06)

Each season and each game, coaches must be prepared for special situations that might arise. In this video, Patrick Donley shares how his team prepares for these situations and provides a valuable 'toolbox' to employ for consistent success in your program.

Coach Donley takes you to the classroom to dissect game film from various situations, and how to develop your game plan to achieve success. His approach will provide you with play calls designed to fit the situation you are facing. His toolbox features:

  • Touchdown Plays - Scoring potential from anywhere on the field.
  • 15+ yard tools - Extra long conversion plays.
  • 10+ yard tools - Long yardage conversion plays.
  • 5+ yard tools - Medium yardage conversion plays.
  • Short Tools- Short yardage conversion plays.

Each tool set includes breakdowns of techniques and strategies. Donley will teach you:

  • How to run efficient "rub" routes vs. man coverage. In short yardage situations, rub routes tend to create an open receiver within a manageable throw.
  • How to recognize and respond to zone coverages when running a route so receivers can find and exploit "soft" areas within the zone.
  • How to utilize play action passes in short yardage situations. An effective running team can be even more effective if it has complementary play action passes.
  • "Vertical field position" plays. The red zone is often the most difficult area on the field to score from, and having a plan can make the difference.
  • Several RPO and gadget plays. A few "wrinkles" can be the difference in a game.

Turn your team into a championship team next season by learning and adopting some of the gems from Coach Donley's toolbox now!

59 minutes. 2018.

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