Pack Line Modifications to Stop the Pick-and-Roll

Pack Line Modifications to Stop the Pick-and-Roll
Pack Line Modifications to Stop the Pick-and-Roll
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Product Description

Learn a consistent strategy for stopping any pick & roll using the pack line defense!

  • Teach your ball screen defense with a collection of breakdown drills to develop the fundamentals of great on-ball and help defense versus the pick & roll
  • Maintain a common strategy for defending ball screens with the "Down and Under" concept to simplify your schemes for improved execution
  • Discover the three rules all big men must know to defend and recover against the pick & roll

with Matt Woodley,Drake University Assistant Coach;
former University of Pittsburgh Assistant Coach;
former Iowa Energy (NBADL) Head Coach;
former Head Coach at Truman State;
former Assistant Coach at Washington State (under Tony Bennett)

The game of basketball is constantly evolving. The importance of ball screens and the new analytics of shot selection are influencing the way offense is being played. To keep pace with the change, you need to see how defenses at the professional level are adapting to this new era of basketball.

Coach Matt Woodley has worked with one of the top defensive minds in the college game today in Tony Bennett. He is now tailoring his defensive concepts to work at even the highest levels of competition in the NBA Development League. This video will give you an extensive look into the defensive principles for shutting down ball screens and forcing your opponent into low-efficiency shots. From defensive fundamentals to strategies defending numerous situations, you will learn everything you need for defending the pick & roll at an elite level.

Through on-court instruction and detailed classroom teaching, Coach Woodley breaks down all the "whys" and "hows" necessary to stop the ball screen. He covers every detail in this video, including his general defensive philosophy, individual responsibilities in pick & roll coverage, defensive non-negotiables, common problems, unique ball screen situations and more.

Breakdown Drills

14 drills will develop the player fundamentals and team concepts needed to defend ball screens. These drills offer an extensive progression for you to use throughout the season to develop your defenders. Great on-ball defenders are an important component to any pick & roll strategy. The Shadow Drill will teach your players how to eliminate false steps and have an explosive first movement to cut off dribble penetration. The Guard the Ball on the Wing drill will teach your players how to align themselves in a "no middle" stance to control the dribbler and force the ball into the corners. Drills increase in complexity from 1-on-1 up to 4-on-4 concepts.

A series of seven 2-on-2 drills will help your players learn how to close out to prevent 3-point shot attempts, jump into help position, and defend ball screens from the middle and side of the floor. The Icing Breakdown drill incorporates multiple concepts in forcing the ball away from the screen towards the baseline. Your players can use this drill to focus on drop coverage, tagging the roller as a help defender, and how to pursue the dribbler if you get caught in the ball screen.

Stopping the Side Pick & Roll

Coach Woodley goes in-depth on how to utilize the Ice concept to keep the ball out of the middle of the floor versus side ball screens. By breaking down every role through multiple 5-on-5 situations, you will learn the ins and outs of going down and under against pick & rolls. Players will learn how to communicate coverages and responsibilities throughout the possession to maintain coordination with one another.

Against a spread alignment, you will learn how to defend against the snake dribble and "Gretzky" situation when your post has to defend the dribbler along the baseline. Learn what needs to be emphasized in order to be successful in ball screen defense. Coach Woodley constantly points out essential teaching concepts such as preventing direct passes and diagnoses common problems in pick & roll coverage such as committing three defenders to the ball. You'll also see how to adjust your tactics with the "Slide" technique when opponents use a "Snug" pick & roll to stretch offensive spacing to its most extreme.

Middle Pick & Roll

See how you can maintain a consistent philosophy in your defensive strategies while moving to different locations on the floor. With the "Weak" concept, your players

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