Paul Vincent's Secrets of the Pros: Skills & Drills to Develop the Hockey Player

Paul Vincent's Secrets of the Pros: Skills & Drills to Develop the Hockey Player
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Learn a comprehensive program used by pro skaters to improve performance!

  • Get a progressive series of agility drills to improves skating speed
  • Learn unique stops and starts used by pro players to gain an edge in transitions
  • Learn off-ice strength and conditioning exercises that directly support the development of a stronger stride

featuring Paul Vincent,
Director / Owner / Lead Instructor of PV Hockey;
skills instructor with over 35 years of coaching in the NHL working with the Chicago Blackhawks during their 2010 Stanley Cup season, Boston Bruins, Florida Panthers, Tampa Bay Lightning and Minnesota Wild; as a coach, he has won championships at every level:

  • 2010 Stanley Cup (Chicago Blackhawks)
  • NCAA National Championship (RPI)
  • Prep School Champion (Cushing Academy)
  • HS State Champion (St. John's Prep)

and Mike Donoghue,
Head Strength Coach & Director of Performance; trains all levels of athletes from NHL Professionals to Youth Players

As the speed of the game increases, it's important to understand how using the inside and outside edges of skate blades can get your players to the puck first, increase time and space between players and the opposition on offense, and eliminate time and space from opponents when on defense.

Longtime NHL skating coach Paul Vincent presents a simple, yet highly-tailored skating program that teaches players edge work and technique. Through repetition of these drills, skaters can improve speed and agility to gain an edge on the ice. Coach Vincent teaches stops and starts used by current and former NHL players that go beyond the basic V and crossover. This video also includes an essential off-ice segment that gives players the foundation to perform on-ice skills.

Drills to Become a Better Skater

Coach Vincent begins with a simple 15 minute warm-up that focuses on every aspect of skating. If done repetitively, this warm-up will provide a solid skating foundation of edge work, stride lengthening, balance, and agility.

Next, he covers stops and starts with five separate drills to stress the importance of explosive movements while using full control and focus. Although players may feel like they're falling, it's this motion that motivates the body to hit peak skating speed. By focusing on stopping and using body direction to their advantage, your athletes will gain an extra step on the opponent on their takeoffs.

Beginning with the crossover start, Vincent adds several examples of how specific players have adopted different types of transitions to gain an edge in the NHL. For example, Paul Kariya used a drag and stop technique that varies significantly from the normal start and stop taught to most hockey players.

From there, Vincent moves into the agility section, breaking down each move in a progressive manner. He demonstrates how length of stride plus frequency of stride equals speed. You'll see a series of edge to flat skating drills to teach balance, agility, and athletic positioning. Your players will focus on limiting extra upper body movements, which helps them control stride extension and recovery motions.

Coach Vincent adds four drills for perfecting the crossover, an important technique for gaining speed and momentum. He breaks down the crossover by isolating each specific movement before putting it all together at the end.

Off-Ice Skating Training

Through a progression of over 15 exercises, strength training coaches Mike Donoghue and Artie Hairton demonstrate off-ice drills and stretches that facilitate performance of Coach Vincent's skating program. They focus on hip flexion, weight transfer, lateral hip stability and single leg strengthening drills.

Becoming a better athlete is the underlying focus that all up-and-coming players should strive for, and this video will show you how to help your players achieve that goal!

98 minutes. 2017.

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