Pitching Drills and Pickoff Moves

Pitching Drills and Pickoff Moves
Pitching Drills and Pickoff Moves
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Learn consistent pitching mechanics and multiple strategies for controlling baserunners!

  • Learn effective practice routines to create repeatable pitching mechanics and throw more quality pitches
  • Successfully pick runners off at first and second base using quickness and deception
  • Utilize drills for proper balance, stride, and finish to stay consistent and use the entire body to generate velocity

with J.D. Arteaga,
University of Miami Assistant Coach/Pitching;
2016 NCAA College World Series; Back-to-Back-to-Back ACC Coastal Division Champions (2014-16)

All coaches know pitching sets the tone for the defense. If pitchers can't throw strikes and control the run game, games can go from winnable to blowouts very quickly. Coach J.D. Arteaga teaches accuracy drills, balance drills, and throwing drills along with pickoff moves in this video to help you guide your pitchers to success.

Pick-off Moves to Control Baserunners

Learn practice drills and techniques to develop pitchers who have mound presence in controlling opposing baserunners. Coach Arteaga's pick-off drills help pitchers learn the intricacies of different pick-offs to all bases to ensure run offense control. Included is:

  • Footwork for right-handed pitchers for accurate throws to first base.
  • How to interpret baseball's balk rules to effectively use left-handed pitchers' natural advantages to keep baserunners honest at first base.
  • How to ensure pitchers' top and bottom halves work harmoniously to develop quick, firm, and accurate throws to second base - using both inside and outside pickoff moves.
  • A tutorial of the "cheat with your feet" technique on pick-off moves to second base that creates a split-second advantage.

Pitching Drills for Practice Plans

Throw more quality pitches in games by developing a well-rounded practice plan for your pitchers. Learn how to use progression drills to teach pitchers how be successful in throwing. Starting from the ground up, focus on proper mechanics to stay consistent and build a repeatable delivery. Drills include:

  • Balance and stride drills to build a solid foundation of muscle memory for consistent and repeatable mechanics.
  • Rocker and tap drills to train a pitcher's body to use rhythm and momentum for greater velocity.
  • The Balance Point and Finish Point drill to get pitchers to stay under control late in games and in pressure situations by relying on practice routines that train all parts of the body to work together.

Utilizing the Rocker Stride Drill, your pitchers will learn to engage their top and bottom halves to work together. Harnessing the momentum of fluid hips and power generated from the pitcher's backside while breaking hands and pointing a proper guide-side of their upper body will reinforce the drive and finish that will produce effective velocity and accurate location. Using this as a key part of your practice plan will help you develop a consistent pitching staff and put your defense in a position to win ball games.

Coach Arteaga teaches you key concepts that have helped make Miami a powerhouse in college baseball. You will learn how to build a strong practice plan to develop a deep and consistent pitching rotation, as well as how to limit damage done by opposing hitters who do reach base with effective pickoff moves and throws. As your pitchers' consistency on the mound increases, so will your team's winning percentage.

50 minutes. 2017.

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