Pop Warner Presents Sideline Spirit - The Cheerleader's Game Day Routine

Pop Warner Presents Sideline Spirit - The Cheerleader's Game Day Routine
Pop Warner Presents Sideline Spirit - The Cheerleader's Game Day Routine
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Product Description

  • Take the guesswork out of game day routines
  • Get a one-of-a-kind checklist for safe and successful sideline activities
  • Follow along with an actual start to finish game day experience
featuring Pop Warner Coach Gina Medlock and the Normandy Athletic Association in Jacksonville, FL

This Pop Warner Cheerleading presentation is designed to help cheer coaches and squads leave no stone unturned detailing all things game day! What makes this DVD unique is that it follows Gina Medlock's Pop Warner cheer squad though an actual Pop Warner game day.

Coach Medlock begins with the administrative perspective, which includes a 10-item checklist of Pop Warner's "best policies" for the managing your team on game day. These policies make up the highest of standards for the safety and fun of cheerleaders and coaches.

What follows next is an actual sequence of events to help coaches plan and execute a successful game day experience. Each sequence is detailed in terms of administrative responsibilities, as well as responsibilities and functions for the squad and includes:

  • Site arrival and site evaluation protocol
  • Warm-up and stretching: 9 exercises for your squad
  • Jumps: A 3-jump demonstration with tips for eye catching jump execution
  • Halftime routines: Features cheers, stunts, and dances with instructional components and hello chants
  • Cheers for the Offense
  • Cheers for the Defense
  • Engaging the Crowd
  • Sideline Stunts: Prep extension, full extension and stunting with signs for crowd participation
  • Opening and Team Entrance Cheers and Formations
  • National Anthem Protocol
  • Kick-off Cheers
  • Game Time Outs
  • Protocol for welcoming visiting squads
  • Post game protocol including warm down and game review
  • Team dismissal focusing on participant safety

This DVD is the perfect guide to a safe, fun, energy filled, and successful game day cheerleading experience.

Recommended for Pop Warner Novice and Intermediate Cheer Skill Levels.

Filmed on site at the Pop Warner Southeast Regional Championships in Orlando, FL December 2009.

35 minutes. 2010.

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