Practice Drills to Improve Infield Play

Practice Drills to Improve Infield Play
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Teach the mechanics and technique to field five different types of ground balls!

  • Learn a pre-pitch approach to ensure players are in the best position to field the ball
  • Use a "peek step" to the ball to read the speed and hop of the ground ball better, and provide momentum into the throw to first base
  • Learn to use feet properly to have stronger, more accurate throws

with Jay Johnson,
University of Arizona Head Coach;
2016 NCAA College World Series Runner-Up;
former University of Nevada Head Coach; 2015 MWC Coach of the Year;
former University of San Diego Associate Head Coach/Hitting Coach, 4x West Coast Conference champions

An effective, productive infield that can consistently make outs for its pitcher is worth its weight in gold! Jay Johnson provides you a concise, yet informative resource for developing and enhancing great infielders with this video.

Using a progression of practice drills, Coach Johnson demonstrates 11 drills to stop all types of ground balls faced in the course of a game. Through a progression of dry ball and coach-toss drills, players learn to be quick and efficient at fielding ground balls.

Drills to Field Ground Balls

Master the art of teaching players how to field all types of ground balls from start to finish. Coach Johnson delivers 11 drills to train infielders how to execute and make plays on ground balls, catch and control the ball consistently, and deliver it to first base with a strong and accurate throw.

Drills include:

  • Prep Step - Teach players how to develop momentum and quickness by using a creep step and timing the ball getting to the play. Teach players to use bat angle to predict ball direction.
  • Routine Ground Ball - Teach players to get on the side of the ball and field with momentum going towards their target.
  • Straight Ground Balls - Field straight ground balls with momentum and effectiveness predicting hop patterns.
  • Slow Rollers - Field and make throws when fielding slow rollers.
  • Forehand Ground Balls - Develop first step quickness and take appropriate angles to field glove-side ground balls.
  • V-cut Ground Balls - Field ground balls with quickness and momentum without having to resort to backhanding the ball.
  • Back-hand Ground Balls - Teach how to field backhanders quickly.

Fielding Progression

Learn a logical progression for developing fielding mechanics and confidence for fielding different types of ground balls. After going through each type of ground ball individually, Coach Johnson's progression system goes from working with no ball, then to a stationary ball, progresses to fielding slow rollers, fielding grounders off the short and long fungo, getting repetitions during batting practice and coach-pitch scrimmages, and then progresses to game repetition.

Johnson highlights key steps to fielding successfully, such as creep/creep/hop approach, landing on both feet, landing on time as the ball is entering the hitting zone, keeping an athletic base, evaluating the swing angle of the hitter and knowing the speed of the hitter.

This is a great resource to develop your infielders. Coach Johnson's teaching can help anyone wanting to develop infielders, from youth to professional players.

37 minutes. 2017.

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