Predicament Wrestling Scorebook

Predicament Wrestling Scorebook
Predicament Wrestling Scorebook
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  • Keep score
  • Learn from Phil Henning!
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  • Learn from the best, to become your best!
by Phil Henning

The Predicament Wrestling Scorebook contains 52 team scoring pages in the front (15 matches per page) and 52 wrestler statistics pages in the back with 33 match summaries where 26 wrestlers get their own 2 pages on which you can chronologically record all their stats in up to 66 matches! This scorebook is designed for one team level for one season.

The features of this scoring book are the best untearable red poly covers (front and back), 14" x 10" size, spiral bound along the top edge, team tournament summary forms (4 pages), team dual meet summary forms (4 pages), wrestlers' season statistics summary forms (2 pages), updated each year to allow for rule changes! Dan Gable, Iowa's legendary wrestling coach used the Predicament Wrestling Scorebook during his last 15 years of coaching! (So did over 2400 other schools last year!)

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