Principles of the Zone Read Option Offense

Principles of the Zone Read Option Offense
Principles of the Zone Read Option Offense
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  • One of the most complete looks at the 2- and 3-man Zone Read Option
  • Learn how to easily pick the read key
  • See how to run the zone read from the Gun, Spread and Pistol formations
with Charlie Taaffe,
University of Central Florida Offensive Coordinator / Quarterbacks Coach;
2010 Conference USA Champs

Create confusion for the defense by utilizing a variety of formations and option looks.

Calling on his 40 years of experience coaching option offense, Charlie Taaffe gives you an 80 minute graduate course clinic on how to run the option offense from multiple modern offensive formations (Gun, Spread, Pistol) with one back or two. This Zone Read Option Offense system is relevant for any offense wanting to add an option package to the playbook.

In a classroom setting, Coach Taaffe diagrams how to run the Zone Read versus different defensive looks. He gives you simple rules for your quarterback to identify the dive and pitch keys to help them prepare prior to the snap. Taaffe explains the option ride to decide steps within the QB and RB mesh so both create better fakes and protect the ball during this decision phase. He reviews the QB's dive and pitch decision process along with the spacing requirements of your pitch backs so the RBs maintain proper spacing during the option.

You'll also get diagrams showing the simple zone blocking rules for blocking the option plays so your linemen know who to block and who to leave alone for the option read.

Not only does Coach Taaffe go over the double option, but he also goes into detail about running the triple option with a pitch and/or a play action pass or bubble screen. He draws up many of the Zone Read Option concepts in Gun, Spread and Pistol formations and conducts film study from game footage that covers three different angles.

You will feel like you are in the classroom while watching this master of the option offense. Order now and watch how Coach Taaffe's Principles of the Zone Read Option Offense can develop or improve your offense.

103 minutes. 2011.

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