Serving Drills & Strategies to Win

Serving Drills & Strategies to Win
Serving Drills & Strategies to Win
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  • Learn how to serve at other teams based on their rotation and offensive scheme
  • Learn drills to help improve serving placement to disrupt a team's offense, take them out of system or stop their best hitter
  • Learn an active warm-up drill that involves the serving technique
with Jen DeJarld,
Mother McAuley (IL) High School Girls' Head Coach; 2013 Illinois High School Class 4A State Champs;
founder of Michio Chicago Volleyball Club

The section on situational serving alone makes this video worth the money! - Shawn Stoliker, Millbrook (NY) High School Varsity Volleyball Coach

Jen DeJarld helps coaches understand the serving strategies and skills that are necessary to disrupt an opponent's offense. In this presentation, Coach DeJarld demonstrates how to properly warm up with serving technique as her focus. She introduces all of the different types of serves and the strategies necessary to make them effective. She also shares a series of drills to help servers work on their technique and placement.

Active Warm-Up Coach DeJarld begins with an active warm-up drill done in pairs with players hitting the ball back and forth while working on their control and technique. These drills help players become aware of their body mechanics during contact, which, in turn, helps with accurate placement and consistency. The partner drills are useful for high school and club players who are trying to get better at serving where they want the ball to go. Throughout this segment, Coach DeJarld discusses different types of serves like float, topspin, jump float and jump float spin.

Serving Drills In this segment, Coach DeJarld shares drills that help players improve serving to different locations. This prepares players to serve aggressively with the intent of disrupting their opponent's offense. She shows her four corners drill, which is a great multi-purpose drill that gets athletes working on serving to and from different areas of the court. The drill puts great emphasis on serving down the line, cross court, short, and deep corners.

Situational ServingThe last set of drills Coach DeJarld explains works on situational serving. Learn how to serve at different types of rotations and offenses that opponents might be using. The goal of the situational serving is to disrupt the opponents' offense, take them out of system or stop their best hitter. The situational serving drill goes into great detail on how serving can help teams win games.

High school and lower-level college coaches will instantly improve their chances of winning with the serving strategies introduced in this presentation. Using the drills players will be prepared to execute strategies that will disrupt their opponents' offense.

Produced at the 2014 AVCA Spring Clinic in Chicago, IL.

54 minutes. 2015.

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