Stopping the Spread Offense with the 4-2-5 / 4-3 Defense

Stopping the Spread Offense with the 4-2-5 / 4-3 Defense
Stopping the Spread Offense with the 4-2-5 / 4-3 Defense
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  • Learn to scheme against a precision-timed offense with explosive capabilities
  • Read the alignment of receivers and running backs that tip-off what play may be coming
  • See how to change up line and linebacker play to give you appropriate numbers at the point of attack
  • Minimize the effectiveness of dangerous multi-formation offenses
with John Skladany,
former University of Central Florida Defensive Coordinator; 2010 Conference USA Champions;
Skladany's defense finished 2011 ranked in the top 25 nationally in points allowed (#10) and yards allowed per game (#11)Give your defense the ability to be fluid and counter any misdirection the spread offense presents.

John Skladany uses a "Chalk Talk" format to discuss, define and describe the basics of stopping the zone play and its companion plays: the zone read, quarterback counter, outside zone, bubble screen and boot plays.

Coach Skladany spends a majority of his time focused on 11 personnel. (1 Running Back, 1 Tight End) He takes you through each player's alignment and assignment in both the 2 x 2 and 3 x 1 sets. Skladany not only gives a basic blueprint for how his defense attacks this style of offense, but he also gives several adjustments or "change-ups" for each level of the defense in case the offense is catching on to your game plan.

Throughout the video Skladany refers to the alignment of the running back and wide receivers with relation to what the offense might be running because of their alignment. This is important because the defense is then alerted to potential plays from that formation. Skladany also gives several variations of what the secondary may do based on their run or pass keys. Cover 6 and Cover 8 variations are used as well as Fox and Star support. He continually warns of the potential "crack" block and what that means for secondary players when it occurs.

You'll also see the key to defending the one play that is the staple in the Spread Offense - the Bubble Screen. If you cannot defend the Bubble Screen, the Spread Offense will exploit this weakness and dominate the game with explosive plays. Skladany shows you how to recognize when the possibility of the Bubble Screen exists based on how wide receivers align themselves in their sets.

Coach Skladany spends the later portion of the video discussing how his team adjusts to 10 personnel (1 running back and 0 tight ends or the 4 wide receiver set). He also addresses the running back slide/ shift from one side of the QB to the other and how UCF reacts to it.

This DVD presents a clear and concise blueprint in which to defend the spread offense. Coach Skladany offers great coaching points and "buzz" words to make the points stand out. He not only gives a coach one way to defense this offense, but he offers multiple ideas on how to adjust and read what is coming to minimize the effectiveness of these dangerous formations.

64 minutes. 2012.

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