The Basics of the 4-4 Base Defense

The Basics of the 4-4 Base Defense
The Basics of the 4-4 Base Defense
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  • Learn the fundamentals and drills for a solid, run-stopping 4-4 defense
  • Develop "pre-snap awareness" in your defensive players so they will be in position to be successful
  • Get an overview of secondary coverages, linebacker adjustments and front adjustments that can be used with the 4-4
with John Hodge, Bourbon County (KY) High School Head Coach;
2012 State Semifinalist, District and Regional Champions (13-1); held opponents to 14 points or less 10 times in 2012; former assistant coach at Boyle County (won four state championships)

John Hodge gives an overview of the basic 4-4 defense and adjustments to it that will help you be successful on the defensive side of the ball. He opens his presentation with an explanation of the 4-4 defense followed by a discussion on whether or not it will work for your team. He continues with a defensive overview of his scheme.

According to Coach Hodge, proper technique is the main focus for implementing and fine-tuning this defensive strategy. He preaches 11 hats on the ball—during practice and in games—to create a relentless attack. One of the best segments of the presentation, NO LOAFS, lists five things that will make your team more successful. As the title of the segment suggests, Coach Hodges stresses that every players needs to give his best effort on every play.

Coach Hodge moves on to a schematic discussion of his base 4-4 defense. He talks about the importance of alignment, and discusses the pre-snap awareness that is needed each and every down. He also covers the different front and linebacker adjustments that he uses to attack the offense, and the different coverages that they marry to their different looks. He finishes his presentation by taking a brief look at run and pass stunts and blitzes, and also shares some game footage of different stunts utilized by his defensive squads.

This video is best suited for high school or junior high coaches who want a simple explanation of the 4-4 defense.

Produced at the 2013 Louisville (KY) Nike Coach of the Year Clinic

38 minutes. 2013.

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