The Complete Guide to Attacking: Technique, Tactics, & Drills

The Complete Guide to Attacking: Technique, Tactics, & Drills
The Complete Guide to Attacking: Technique, Tactics, & Drills
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Product Description

  • Run, jump, hit progressive approach to volleyball attacking!
  • 10 tactical multi-contact volleyball attacking drills
  • Improve your player's understanding and execution of attacking!
with Jim Moore,
former University of Oregon Head Coach;
2012 NCAA National Runner-up; 2012 Volleyball Magazine National Coach of the Year; 2006 Pac-10 Coach of the Year; 3x National Coach of the Year; 1993 D-II National Championship (at Northern Michigan)

In this information packed volleyball DVD, Coach Moore shares with you a step-by-step run, jump and hit progressive guide to attacking.

Moore begins with a technical breakdown of the footwork for the four-, three- and two-step approaches. Moore shares insight into what to look for from each player through individual drills before moving into full team participation drills for working on the approach.

Moving from footwork, Moore shares the technical aspects of the jump followed by a drill progression that adds a swing and touch to the jump. Moore concludes his jumping instruction by adding a hitting drill that shows you how to evaluate the proper approach for the hit.

Oregon Strength Coach Jeremy Pick shares a quick, but effective, 7-exercise dynamic warm-up for the arm swing that will help your players train for safer hitting. Moore demonstrates the technical aspects for the throw and hit followed by drill progressions that include throwing tennis balls before moving to throwing drills with the volleyball. Moore puts the run, jump and hit together with a series of 10 multi-contact attacking drills, which include transition and serve receive routes.

This guide to attacking is certain to assist you in improving your players' understanding and execution of this crucial skill.

43 minutes. 2009

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