The Encyclopedia of Face-Offs

The Encyclopedia of Face-Offs
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  • Everything you need to mold dominant face-off men--even if you've never taken a draw yourself
  • Learn the key attributes required to be successful at the face-off X
  • Learn the individual moves used by effective face-off players, and the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Win more games by getting more possessions per game
with Kevin Donahue, Syracuse University Assistant Lacrosse Coach;
member of 11 National Championship teams; 2001 Jay Gallagher Award as the nation's top Division I assistant coach; 3x All American midfielder at Syracuse

In the game of lacrosse, every possession counts. If your team can grab 4-5 extra possessions per game, it can be the difference between winning and losing.

Kevin Donahue, one of the Orangemen's all-time great players and coaches, presents an exhaustive three part reference for coaches at every level - as well as developing lacrosse players.

Quick hands, a quick mind, physical strength and an insatiable desire to win make for a lethal combination at the face-off X. Coach Donahue provides a detailed explanation of the importance of face-offs and what he looks for in an ideal face-off man.

Learn the basic concepts of hand and foot positioning. Hand and foot placement is not universal for every face off. As Donahue explains, there are subtle differences to better support each particular move. In a series of live, on-field demonstrations, Donahue walks you through all the primary moves in today's game:

  • The Clamp and its variations: The Plunger Clamp, Pinch Clamp, and Snap Clamp
  • Three different Jam moves to counter a quick-clamping opponent
  • The Lazer, the Rake, the Reverse Clamp, and the desperation Swim Move
Coach Donahue leaves no aspect of the "game within the game" unexamined. He delivers every detail you need to correctly execute a clamp, to build muscle memory and to avoid common mistakes.

Building on these initial moves, Donahue quickly develops a wide range of techniques suitable for any player's skill level. To defend against these moves, counters are shown includings Chops, Handle Jams and Sweeps.

He unlocks the tactical contest of the face-off, explaining in minute detail the technique required for each move, the proper hand and foot placement to support it, the advantages and drawbacks to different moves, and the most frequent errors to watch out for. Plus, how each move shifts into "Phase Two" when neither player has cleanly won the draw.

Discover drills for training face-off men in a live practice session. Donahue uses a progressive method for drilling face-offs: From individual drills to 1v1 to 3v3 (adding wing players).

These are the drills the Syracuse faceoff unit repeats daily to hone quickness and muscle memory for flawless execution. Competitive drills thrust players into game-like faceoff scenarios that continue to stress excellent technique, like sealing out to secure a ground ball and countering a strong clamper.

Drills include:

  • Ground Ball Drill - Develops finding the ball and communication skills.
  • Box Out Drill - Reinforces body position for success.
  • Primary Move - Provides the face-off men the opportunity to work on speed off the whistle.
  • Partner Warm Up - Provides resistance and counter practice.
  • The Bull Drill - Helps the face-off man counter a clamper.
  • Team Drills - Get a live box out drill for wings, live 3 v 3 drills, and a Best-Out-of-Seven Drill.
Every point covered throughout the video goes beyond simply telling you how to do a given technique. Coach Donahue takes the time to explain why he prefers one move or position over another, what type of stick and head may be required and the best situations for each move.

This densely-packed 70-minute video packs everything you need to mold a dominant face-off man--even if you've never taken a draw yourself. With face-off play being such a vital part of the modern game this video could be the catalyst to take your program to the next level.

70 minutes. 2012.

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