The FAT Formation: Blocking Schemes

The FAT Formation: Blocking Schemes
The FAT Formation: Blocking Schemes
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Attack any defense with an easy-to-learn blocking scheme to yield solid results!

  • Learn simplistic schemes that allow your players to play fast
  • Learn how to make subtle adjustments in the blocking scheme to accommodate for problems the defense may cause on game day
  • Discover how to get multiple pullers at the point of attack to outnumber the defense and spring long runs

with Bruce Eien,
veteran coach with over 30 years of coaching in California and Oregon;
founder of the West Coast Single Wing Conclave;
Harrisburg (OR) High School Assistant Coach/Quarterbacks;
former Brethren Christian (CA) High School Head Coach

Quite often in football, teams beat themselves because of missed assignments in the run game. This is often a result of players thinking too much, which slows them down and makes the offense less effective. The answer to this problem is the Fat Formation blocking scheme. By using simplistic terms, your players will play fast and be more aggressive, allowing for fewer mistakes and better consistency in moving the football.

The Fat Formation is unique in football because it combines the uniqueness of single wing football with modern passing game concepts. Bruce Eien's use of compressed formations can give the offense an advantage over defenses because many teams don't defend compressed formations very often. The run game associated with the Fat Formation is effective because it is based on rule blocking that maximizes the carryover of learning from week to week, enabling your players to focus more on execution and less on scheme.

Coach Eien takes the guesswork and confusion out of the blocking rules by showing, step-by-step in a PowerPoint presentation, how to block three common defensive fronts. He walks you through each lineman's rule and how to apply it as he diagrams the play on screen. He takes you through every play in the Fat Formation, diagramming it against the 44 defense, and the 53 and 62 fronts. You will see rules for the Wham, Power, Sweep, Wedge and the Blast series

Fat Formation Blocking Rules

Coach Eien explains the various rules with easy to learn acronyms that apply to each position. Witness how to install simplistic terms such as:

  • GOD = Gap/On/Double Team
  • MOMA = Man On/Man Away
  • GOOD = Gap/On/Outside/Down
  • FBI = First Backer Inside
Most plays presented in the offense only require each position to learn one set of rules. By "flipping" sides with the lineman, learning can be kept to a minimum. This allows you more time to practice against various looks rather than having to change blocking schemes from week to week. Also, the rules are consistent from week to week, regardless of the defensive look.

Attack Any Area of the Field

Coach Eien diagrams various plays that are packaged by who the ball carrier will be to take advantage of your offensive personnel, the defensive alignment, or the way the defensive is keying on your offense. You'll see a quarterback series, a fullback series, a tailback series, and a wingback series. Each play attacks a different area of the defense

As an added bonus, Coach Eien explains over 10 "change-ups" that can easily be tagged onto each play to counter what the defense may do, or to handle any difficult match-ups that may occur during a game. Using these adjustment calls gives you the advantage of changing up the blocking scheme without confusing your players.

With a myriad of offenses, and many different blocking schemes, it is easy to overload and confuse players. Coach Eien takes the guesswork and confusion out of blocking rules and schemes. His Fat Formation concepts are simple to install and teach, but will give your offense enough different looks to keep the defense on its heels.

"This video makes it so simple for the offensive line, and the adjustments will create multiple problems for any defense. I can't wait to put the rules to use in my offense." Customer Review

61 minutes. 2017.

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