The Zone Option Package

The Zone Option Package
The Zone Option Package
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with Brian Hughes,
C.W. Post College Assistant Coach/Offensive Coordinator

The zone option is the focus of this DVD and incorporates the zone read and blocking techniques. The C.W. Post staff favors the zone option because it accounts for the defensive end the same way the zone read does, and forces defenses to play assignment football instead of blitzing. By using motion, this scheme forces defenses to play balanced. Blocking rules are exactly the same, except for the backside tackle. Other benefits are a valid run threat from a no back position, offers blitz protection, allows faster receivers to get the ball is space and includes many explosive run and pass options. Drills work on linemen running to the linebacker level to block and running with a wide base prior to contact. A key piece in the progression of teaching zone option is the zone option pass. After identifying key positions of offense, Hughes demonstrates the potential of this play by showing game footage. The zone counter and the shovel option are the final compliments to the zone option package. This entire package is expertly presented in this DVD and can benefit your option offense tremendously!

50 minutes. 2006.

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